5 Myths about Surrogacy

The desiring couples often have lots of questions regarding the surrogacy process. A lot is said about it, which is not completely true. Here is the truth behind surrogacy, which you may not know. Only stars can afford it –  The average fee for Surrogacy is $30-45K Worldwide and the loans are available for it. It’s […]

Rising Male Infertility: A Cause of Concern

According to the International Committee for Monitoring Assisted Reproductive Technology, World Health Organization (WHO), infertility is a disease of reproductive system defined by failure to achieve the clinical pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular unprotected sexual intercourse. There is an estimate that nearly 72.4 million couples globally face fertility problems. There is a […]

Success Rate of Egg freezing

The data and statistics that we have today for the egg freezing success rates are derived from an outdated and inefficient egg freezing method known as slow freezing. It gets further elusive due to the fact that women who have frozen their eggs either don’t use them soon or even never use them. A comparison […]

CME on Prematurity Conducted in Ludhiana by Rana Hospital

A Seminar for Continuing Medical Education (CME) was conducted at city based hotel by Rana Fertility Centre in association with SPS Hospital on the Topic of Prematurity. Dr VijayDeep Kaur, IVF Specialist and Chief Gynaecologist of Rana Hospital gave a lecture on the topic “Risk of Prematurity in IVF Pregnancies”. She highlighted that various causes […]

What is Egg Freezing, Cost and How is it popular in Females

What is Egg Freezing? Egg freezing or oocyte cryopreservation is a scientifically advanced technology that is developed especially for career-oriented females who want to delay their child bearing age. This process involves- extraction of the female’s eggs (10-15 in number) at a peak fertile age of 20s preservation of eggs at –196 °C using liquid […]

Dr. Vijaydeep Kaur takes part in a Live Program on Jus Punjabi

Dr. Vijaydeep Kaur, Chief Gynecologist and IVF Specialist at Rana Fertility Centre, participated in a Live program ‘Health Plus’. The program was organized by Channel Jus Punjabi. Jus Punjabi is a First Indian American Punjabi TV Channel. She gave an insight into the IVF Technology and the challenges, she often faces during the treatment and process. […]

Ectopic Pregnancy, Symptoms, and Treatment

In a healthy pregnancy, one of the ovaries release an egg into the fallopian tube that stays there for 24 hours in the wait for a sperm to fertilize it. After that, the fertilized egg remains in the fallopian tube for the next three to four days. It then travels down to the uterus for […]

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