5 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Pelvic Floor Disorder

A special group of ligaments and muscles form the pelvic floor that includes the genital area and the groin section under the umbilicus. The primary function of these pelvic muscles is to provide support to the organs situated in the pelvis. These organs include the uterus or prostate, urinary bladder, and rectum. Pelvic muscle plays a crucial role in contracting and relaxing the lower muscles and thus helps in urination and sexual intercourse. In this article, you will have five exciting facts related to the pelvic floor muscles or pelvis. 


Amazing Facts of Pelvic Muscles


This section mentions five amazing facts about pelvic muscles or the pelvis to help you understand pelvic floor disorder.


Similar to Other Muscles


Just as any other muscle group, the pelvic floor muscle also helps in contracting and relaxing. This process helps in the movement or control of a definite organ of motion. Doctors recommend having a strong pelvic muscle through a specific exercise that is dedicated to the pelvis. Pelvic floor disorder means that the ligaments are either too stretched or lax. Thus, it results in irregular neural connections. 


Unique in Some Cases


The pelvic muscle acts like a hammock or sling, and thus it makes them unique from other muscles. The proper orientation of the pelvis is required to give birth. Imagine a trampoline that takes the form of a basin and also as a dome according to the requirement. Pelvic floor disorder can result in sexual and many issues in other women. 


Essential Part of Inner Core Muscles


Having a strong core is a must for any living being. It helps in movement, taking weights, doing any task, and many more. Facing pelvic disorder means the body is not oriented correctly. Few exercises help to make these muscles strong and stable. 




Kegel exercise is the best for those who are suffering from pelvic floor disorder. In men, pelvic floor disorder can result in pre-mature ejaculation, flaccidity of sex organs. But, remember that kegel exercises are not meant for everyone. It depends upon the orientation and position of the muscle. 


Post Pregnancy Problems


Pelvic muscles tend to lax after the pregnancy and thus create post-pregnancy problems. Issues such as leaking stool, urine, or gas during a jump, run, and exercise are related to pelvic floor disorder.


Therefore, it is necessary to visit the doctor to have a routine check-up of the pelvic floor and orient it perfectly if any disorder has occurred. 

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