7 Celebrities who suffered PCOS once

Hormonal disorder, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, also known as PCOS, has become very common in most of women. The disorder results in formation of large cysts in the ovaries. Not only this, it can also cause acne, irregular periods, weight gain and most importantly, fertility related issues.  Treatment of PCOS in India is available at our center .PCOS is quite common and even the celebrities from Bollywood and Hollywood are also victim of it. Take a look at some celebrities who share their experience related to PCOS:

Bollywood Actress Suffered PCOS

bollywood actress suffering from pcos

Sonam Kapoor– Sonam Kapoor is one such celebrity in Bollywood who has always been outspoken regarding her journey from being fat to fit. She has shared her experience on how she dealt with her adolescent obesity, starvation and depression and achieved a sustainable and healthy figure before entering into Bollywood.  She has not even shied from denying wearing a bikini in a movie due to cellulite and saggy skin she had gained because of tremendous her weight loss. She is one of those actresses who too once suffered from PCOS. She had once confessed that at the age of 19, she had battled all the issues of being overweight. She had hair on her face and suffered from diabetes.

Hollywood Actress Suffered PCOS

Victoria Beckham– Victoria Beckham has never remained private about the ill-effects that PCOS caused on her fertility. However, she successfully fought against the disorder by maintain a healthy lifestyle and keeping her weight under control. Presently, she is a mother of a baby girl and three sons.

victoria behcam pcos

Daisy Rindley– The Star Wars actress openly discussed her problem of acne she was facing due to PCOS on her Instagram account. She discussed the necessity of taking care of the body and keeping a track of lifestyle to fight PCOS.

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Jillian Michaels– The popular celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels has also shared her struggle of coping with endometriosis and PCOS and the fertility issues caused that led her to adoption.

Jools Oliver– A proud mother of 4 children, Jools Oliver, has also struggled with PCOS which was the cause of her miscarriage. After battling with fertility issues and getting treatments for the hormonal imbalance, she successfully overcame the disorder.

Emma Thompson– The Oscar winner suffered a miscarriage in 1997 and battled her fertility issues caused due to PCOS. Because of this, she underwent IVF treatment and gave birth to a child in 1999.

Diamond– Diamond is also one such celebrity who suffered from PCOS and had constant facial hair growth. She once discussed about this on a talk show The Doctors and also shared the importance of healthy lifestyle and wellness.


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