7 Common Causes of Irregular Periods

Every woman faces menstrual cycle once in a month. Menstrual cycle also explains the effective and natural routine of hormones in woman’s body. If a woman does not have periods in one month or misses it, she must consult a doctor so that proper treatment can be done. Having periods on time is also necessary otherwise woman will have problem in getting pregnant.  If we talk about current world, number of women are facing problem of irregular periods. They must know about what the problem is and how to solve this problem. If woman takes this problem lightly and not serious about this, she will face many problems in getting pregnant.

causes Irregular-periodsNumbers of common causes of irregular periods are given below so that women will be aware about their health and living style. Causes of irregular periods are:

High stress levels- There are many times in our live when we are taking too much stress and this stress has direct impact on our health. In woman’s body, this stress prevents ovulation and consumes all energy from the body. In this case, uterine lining does not building properly and you don’t get period on time.

Poor diet– A Diet which is low in nutrients and antioxidants shows negative result on body. Simple example is that if you consume large quantity of sugar, cortisol will also increase in your body. It affects hormones in your body, especially sex hormones. Menstrual cycle is disturbed and period will not come on time.

Extreme weight loss and low body weight– When your body weight is too low and body mass index (BMI) becomes lower than 18 or 19, then it is sure that you will miss periods. Body fat plays important role in creating estrogen and which is needed for periods on time. Woman, who are very thin, face irregular period problem from time to time.

Over exercising– Good heart health, enough sleep and mood regulation, moderate exercise is mandatory. But if any of woman is exercising too much as her body need, then she will have irregular period problem. Women want to look young and slim, so they do more exercises and face this problem.

Thyroid disorders- Thyroid disorders, including hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism can cause Irregular periods.

Gynecological problems– Irregular periods are also caused by unsuspected pregnancy and early miscarriages. In this case, consult a good gynecologist and tell her about your problem so that periods will on time.

Stopping the birth control pill–   When woman stop taking pills for birth control her period do not return on time. Stopping of pills decreases estrogen level and this creates problem in her period.


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