A detailed overview of diminished ovarian reserve

Diminished ovarian reserve is a condition when the ovaries produce few eggs or the ovaries lose their reproductive potential. Basically, ovarian reserve is defined by the quality of the eggs produced by the ovaries which are also known as oocytes. Diminished ovarian reserve is a situation where poor fertility is observed and the solution to assisted reproductive techniques. The diminished ovarian reserve has been regarded as one of the leading causes of infertility in women. Due to the decrease in the quantity or quality of the oocytes, diminished ovarian reserve is seen in women which leads to impaired fertility. It is a very common problem faced by women of this generation and there are many alternative solutions that women can take to conceive a baby.

Knowing about the average count by age

The total number of egg counts inside the ovarian reserve is dependent on the age of the woman. The total number of eggs that would be there in a lifetime are present in the ovarian reserve. However with age, the total number of eggs decreases.

Listed below are the average egg numbers in ovarian reserve which are dependent on the age

  • 6-7 million oocytes inside ovarian reserve at 20 weeks of gestation
  • About 1 to 2 million oocytes inside the ovarian reserve after the birth
  • 3 to 5 lakh oocytes during the puberty
  • 25000 oocytes at the age of 37
  • 1000 oocytes inside the reserve at 51 age that is during the menopause

Women who have diminished ovarian reserve live with fewer eggs than other women. However, the total number of eggs inside the ovarian reserve that diminished ovarian reserve women would experience is not clear. Research has stated that the hormone level defines thequality of diminished ovarian reserves and it’s not about the total number of eggs inside the ovarian reserve.

What can be the cause of diminished ovarian reserve

As it has been discussed earlier that diminished ovarian reserve happens with aging. This factor is dependent on age however few factors can lead to this sort of health condition.

Women who smoke, have thyroid antibodies, tuberculosis, chemotherapy family history of early menopause, endometriosis, disorders, and surgery radiation therapy are likely to experience diminished ovarian reserve at an early age as compared to normal women.

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