Advantages and disadvantages of preimplantation genetic screening

Implantation genetic testing is a popular procedure to discover the genetic abnormalities on the embryo that are conceived by in-vitro fertilization. The process is performed on the embryo of the patient before it is transferred to the uterine cavity. This procedure aims to reduce the probability of transferring the embryo that is suffering from genetic illness or chromosomal abnormality.

Advantages of Preimplantation Genetic Screening

More than 400 various genetic conditions are tested: the genetic screening covers the genetic disorders by figuring out the characteristics of the donor biological pair. Doctors advise the patient to go for a certain test based on the medical history. If the patient has concerns about the family history then there is the option of ordering the test.

The process is helpful for couples to have biological children: the PGD screening is helpful for couples in having future kids who do not suffer major health problems. If the biological parent is an autosomal dominant condition then the probability of receiving the gene is less than 50%. There is a 25% probability of health problems at the time of pregnancy with autosomal recessive diseases.

Disadvantages of Preimplantation Genetic Screening

The procedure is time-consuming in producing results: the preimplantation genetic screening takes time to produce results. The results may take up to 4 weeks from beginning to the end to get the desired answer. You have to go through the egg retrieval process to collect the eggs and fertilize it successfully.

Some embryos face problems with cell extraction: preimplantation genetic screening is only applied when an embryo develops into a blastocyst. Moreover some healthy embryos do not reach this stage. The older patients have fewer eggs and face problems with this procedure hence they have less probability to get the result.


The cost of this procedure differs from place to place and it can range between $3,000 to $5000 to the overall cost of the in vitro fertilization cycle. However, it is necessary to know that the process helps the couple to improve the chance of IVF success. The above section has discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the implantation of genetic screening. The couples should discuss with the doctor before they undergo implantation genetic screening. Most of the patients are worried about a genetic illness in the future offspring and in this case, it is recommended to discuss with your fertility doctor before undergoing the treatment.


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