All about Ovulation- Signs and Symptoms

Ovulation is the process where the female body releases the egg from the ovaries to integrate with the sperm. Each month the female releases eggs from the ovaries for a period of 12 to 24 hours. This is the best time for the male sperm to integrate and result in pregnancy. The entire process of pregnancy depends on several situations. There are times when even the systematic approach of copulation does not show positive results. 

Male sperm can stay alive inside the female for three to six days, much more than the female eggs. Therefore it is wise to copulate when the female egg is ready to integrate. After calculating the date of the menstruation cycle, the date of female fertilization can be easily known. Connect with your nearest doctor to get the best advice and calculate the exact date of fertilization.  

Even though the sperms are capable of staying alive, it is wise to copulate on the date of ovulation. There are several symptoms, as well as signs in the female body that show ovulation. Read the article to find out the possible symptoms of ovulation in the female. 

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Ovulation?

  • Increase in sex drives
  • Lowering of basal temperature, and again increasing
  • The cervix softens and also opens up
  • Swollen vagina or vulva
  • The cervical mucus is cleaner and even thinner
  • Slight pain in the lower abdomen

These are some of the crucial symptoms of female ovulation. These must be followed, and the would-be-father-mother needs to copulate in these days. It helps in enhancing the chances of pregnancy. 

When does a female body ovulate?

The ovulation process starts on the half-way of the entire menstruation cycle that is 14 to 15 days after the date of the first period. It depends upon the body to body, as the metabolisms are not the same. The average of menstruation must be calculated to obtain the exact date of ovulation.

 A female egg can only last long for 12 to 24 hours after coming out from the ovaries. Therefore the couple needs to follow and remember the date for an effective pregnancy. The eggs are discharged from the body in the form of waste blood. 

 A couple needs to wait for the same date until the time of ovulation again. So it is wise to consult with the doctors and to plan the date. Here are some tips to follow:

See the possible changes.

Women will feel a twinge of pain in their lower abdomen, followed by a series of cramps. The body sends messages that the time and date of ovulation is near or the body is ovulating. 


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