All You Need To Know About Blocking Fallopian Tubes

The fallopian tube is also known as a bilateral conduit that is a muscular tube which act as a passage for the eggs so that they can travel from the ovaries to the uterus. One upon reading this blog will get to know about the concept of blocked fallopian tubes and what is the number of reasons behind the blocked fallopian tube.

What do you mean by the blocked fallopian tube

Fallopian tubes are blocked because of scarring on the walls of the tubes due to infection. If the fallopian tube is blocked then it prevents the egg from reaching the sperm and restricts the fertilization of the egg due to this blockage. The main reason behind the blocked fallopian tube is because of the scar tissue that is produced due to the injury at any part of the tube. In medical terms, the block is also known as tubal occlusion and the common examples of why this happens are because of surgery, infection, etc.

What will happen if the fallopian tube gets blocked

If the fallopian tube is blocked then the channel for the sperm to fertilize the egg and the tunnel for the released egg to get back to the uterus is blocked. Moreover it results in female infertility when both fallopian tubes are blocked.

What are the symptoms of a blocked fallopian tube

According to research, there are no such specific symptoms observed due to block therapy and tube. However, most women do not realize that they have blocked fallopian tubes until they try for pregnancy and fail to achieve it.

What is a solution available for fallopian tube blockage

If a couple is trying to get pregnant and fails to conceive after having regular and unprotected intercourse then it is recommended to consult a doctor as earliest possible. This can happen due to a blocked fallopian tube and only a reputed doctor with the best fertility center can help in the diagnosis of this problem.

The best option available for blocking fallopian tubes is in vitro fertilization however it is only the expert who can advise you based on the fertility condition.


Block fallopian tube is not the most common disease that is faced by couples and it is a major problem during pregnancy. If you face a problem in conceiving then make sure to consult a doctor who can advise you on this aspect.

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