All You Need to Know About Breast Feeding

In this article, you will have a perfect piece of knowledge on some interesting facts about breastfeeding. The sole motive here is to impart facts and education to enhance the knowledge on it. The World Breast Feeding Week starts from 1st August to 7th August. Doctors and experts classify facts and biological changes that surround this process. 

Most of you think that breast milk only contains nutrients that are required for a newborn baby. Mammals can produce milk to feed their newborns, making them unique from all other living organisms. Here, human breastfeeding is taken into consideration. Within a week of giving birth, women spend a considerable amount of time breastfeeding their little ones. Read this article carefully to know some interesting facts about breastfeeding. 

Amazing Facts of Breast Feeding

In this section, some essential reasons are listed that will impart knowledge on the important facts of breastfeeding. 

Full of Immunity

Breast milk contains all nutrients that help in enhancing the immunity level in a baby. The main composition of milk is the white blood cells that protect the newborn from any disease and illness. On the 16th week of pregnancy, women start to develop colostrums, which is the earliest form. This milk contains more than five million WBC per milliliter. This is 100 times more than the WBC that an average human being has in the blood. 

Without immunity, a baby can’t survive the outer environment. This makes breast milk unique. Therefore, doctors and experts consider colostrums as the “liquid gold.” After a year of breastfeeding, the milk starts to produce Lysozyme. The lysozyme helps create a protective wall to protect the baby from the bacterial cells, E.coli and Salmonella. It also generates intestinal flora and reduces inflammation. 

Cocktail of Hormones

Specific hormones are responsible for the particular growth of the body. Breast milk is a cocktail of different essential hormones that facilitates the development of the body. It includes:

Thyroxine:  Helps in maturing the metabolism and intestines. 

Melatonin: It generates the sleeping pattern, forms a circadian rhythm. 

Leptin: Controls the weight that influences microbial flora. 

Endorphins: This hormone acts as a pain killer to babies, and therefore, if a baby gets injured or is ill, they find breast milk comforting. 

These are some of the essential facts that you must know about breastfeeding. It takes a lot of sacrifices to develop a healthy baby. 

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