All You Need To Know About Hypothyroidism and Pregnancy

Are you pondering whether it is safe to intake thyroid medicine when you are pregnant? According to a study of different doctors, they say there is no harm to have thyroid medicine when a mother is at her pregnancy stage. Even they insist that it is rather unsafe not to take thyroid medicine. But why is it so? There are two main types of the thyroid that women suffer from, one is hypothyroidism and other is hyperthyroidism and in such issues, in order to bring it under control, she must take proper medication.

When Women Should Take Thyroid Medicine?

Hypothyroidism is the most common reason why mom opts for thyroid medicine, it is reported that most of the women suffer from this issue during the time of pregnancy. Hypothyroidism is a situation when the thyroid gland fails to secrete an adequate amount of hormone.

The most common treatment for this condition is levothyroxine; it is basically a synthetic form of a hormone that does no harm for your developing baby.

Whether You Should Continue To Take Levothyroxine

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According to doctor’s opinion, it is recommended to consider this treatment and stay in touch with the doctor. Doctors also insist not to change the brand name of the medicine; you must continue the brand that you have taken at the time of pregnancy.

At the time of pregnancy more than 40 % of the production of thyroid hormone takes place from the thyroid gland, this happens for mother as well as the developing baby.

Problems That Can cause Due To Less Thyroid Hormone Secretion

There can be a lot of ill effects for less hormone secretion of the thyroid gland, mentioned below are some of the common effects that women might face

According to some studies, it has been noticed that children whose mother lacks the secretion of thyroid hormone at the time of pregnancy are likely to have lower IQ levels.

Caring For Mother Suffering from Hypothyroidism

According to a study of American Thyroid Association, they say women who are on levothyroxine must increase their dosage when they are pregnant. However, this should be under the supervision of a doctor.

However, proper dosage depends on Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. Doctors seek the help of TSH in order to determine whether the mother is getting enough thyroid hormone. A blood test is done in determining that.

At initial stages of pregnancy women who are on levothyroxine should measure their TSH after every four weeks. After that, it is to be measured once between 26 weeks.

After the delivery of your baby, the doctor will measure the TSH level once again, the period is usually every six weeks. At this stage, the dosage of levothyroxine is required to be reduced like you had at the time of the pre-pregnancy level.

This is all about hypothyroidism and pregnancy, at this stage, it is strictly recommended to keep in touch with a doctor and must follow what he or she prescribed you.


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