All you need to know about male fertility

If you are wondering whether male fertility decreases with time then you will be at the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss this topic so that you get all your doubts cleared at the end of it. We have often come across statements that with age female fertility decreases. However, according to recent studies it has been figured out that the biological clock for males and females is the same.  However the decline of male fertility is not the same as women’s.

Women are born with all eggs and with age, the total number of eggs gets reduced until they reach the menopause age. At this stage, there is no egg production and in the case of males the sperm are replaced every three months and the process continues throughout life. Hence in the case of women, there is a use-by date and in the case of men, there is no such condition for sperm production. But according to the study, the quality of semen volume, shape as well as motility decline with time.

Male can produce sperm throughout their life and the quality of sperm declines with age. This is because as a person gets solder the body efficiency decreases naturally. With time the DNA damage in sperms increases as the cells do not have the controlling power with DNA damage which becomes less efficient.

What are other factors that can affect the quality of sperm

Apart from age, other factors can affect the sperm quality, especially in older men

Other factors such as obesity, diabetes, unhealthy lifestyle, or improper diet can affect sperm quality. Unhealthy habits such as smoking, drug usage, and excessive consumption of alcohol affect the fertility in males. It is very important to eat well and change your lifestyle to protect male fertility.

Apart from this sexually transmitted diseases can also have a direct impact on male fertility. Some sexually transmitted diseases go undetected because of fertility and the specialist always addresses male and female partners to undergo general check-ups with the general practitioner. The screening includes a simple blood test before planning for a baby.


Thus you always prefer a healthy lifestyle before it’s too late for you and if you experience any problem in fertility make sure to reach a specialist and get it solved.

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