All You Need To Know About The Dangerous Factor of Miscarriage

Miscarriage is the loss of the embryo or fetus of a pregnancy before the 20th week. This is a spontaneous loss of pregnancy and happens at the early stage of pregnancy. Miscarriage is also known by the name spontaneous abortion in medical terms and is an unexpected ending of a pregnancy. The loss of a fetus before it is developed enough to survive is what we see here. Vaginal bleeding which is accompanied by cramping and pain are some of the reasons for miscarriage in women. However, the exact causes of miscarriage are not easy to know. Listed below are some of the reasons for miscarriage according to various studies.

If there is an abnormal number of chromosomes in the fertilized egg, it can lead to miscarriage.

The uterus abnormality also results in miscarriage

Injury and blood loss in women may cause miscarriage and death of the fetus

Vaginal infection, cervix, or uterus can result in loss of pregnancy

Tubal pregnancy

Diabetes mellitus can cause pregnancy loss

What are the different types of miscarriage according to the range of conditions?

Age: Women who are more than 35 years experience a high risk of miscarriage and the probability of miscarriage increases with age. For example, if the age of the woman is more than 45 years or 45 then that is a factor of miscarriage increases to 80%.

Women who are having chronic illnesses like diabetes mellitus have a high risk of miscarriage. Apart from this improper lifestyle like using smoke, alcohol cigarettes and drugs have a high risk of pregnancy loss than nonuser women. Underweight or overweight and intake of caffeine can also result in pregnancy loss.

According to the range of conditions, they are four different kinds of miscarriage they are threatened miscarriage, inevitable miscarriage, incomplete miscarriage, complete miscarriage, and missed miscarriage.

What is an incomplete miscarriage?

An incomplete miscarriage is a phase when bleeding has begun and the cervix has dilated but the pregnancy is not completely shed from the womb. In this type of situation, it requires total eviction of the pregnancy tissues from the uterus. However, the patient can also be given internal medication.

People have a lot of misunderstandings about miscarriage and the risk factors. For example, women who are pregnant are not recommended to travel by air as it is considered to be one of the most dangerous factors. However, women can travel by air if they are at 36 weeks of pregnancy and not more than that. The risk can be reduced by giving close attention to your habits.

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