Causes and Treatments in India of Anejaculation

Anejaculation has been defined as the inability of a man to ejaculate semen upon stimulation. The causes can either be psychological or physical and the issue can either be total or situational. It commonly results in infertility issues.  It is not easy to diagnose and is often confused with retrograde ejaculation.


The major causes of anejaculation are divided into psychological and physical factors.

  • Psychological Factors: Stress and anxiety are major causes of anejaculation. It could also be caused by relationship issues and a stressful relationship. Men with anejaculation are also known to face severe depression and anxiety.
  • Physical Factors: Some common physical issues which cause anejaculation are an injury to spinal cord, infection or injury of the pelvis. A surgery in the pelvic area could also cause this issue. Other diseases like Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis also cause it. A diabetic patient could also face issues and result in anejaculation. It occurs when the seminal ducts and prostate glands are incapable of ejaculating semen. Undergoing treatment for cancer, which includes removal of lymph nodes, could damage the nerve plexus.


To treat anejaculation, the causes must be properly analyzed and psychosexual counseling should be done.  Drugs used to treat the issue are imipramine and ephedrine. By using vibrator therapy and electroejaculation, treatment can be done.

  • Treatment with Drugs: There are also cases where the bladder neck can be closed with medication like ephedrine and imipramine. They convert the ejaculation from retrograde to antegrade. The success rate for prescription drugs is low.
  • Treatment with Vibrator: The vibrator provides stimulus for a strong time. It is usually used to treat when the person suffers from an injury to his spinal cord. Apart from being an effective way to retrieve semen, it is also simple. By retrieving semen, artificial insemination can be carried out.
  • Treatment with Electroejaculation: By applying an electric current to the ejaculatory nerve plexus from the rectum, ejaculation can be stimulated. The chances of success are around 100% and sperm can be retrieved without any physical defects. In case the nerve is damaged, vibratory stimulation can be used to achieve 80% success rate. Medicines can also help in rare cases.

In case the patient has gone through prostate surgery, done either through open methods or through the laser, it cannot be treated. Another method of treatment and rehabilitation involves counseling and therapy for cognitive behavior, which is customized based on the patient.

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