Difference between Traditional and Gestational Surrogacy

Getting educated on different types of surrogacy can be difficult for someone who is unfamiliar with the entire surrogacy process. The terms “traditional surrogate” and “gestational surrogate” are often admixed and at times it is confusing. Both are women who opt to carry a pregnancy for those who cannot carry a pregnancy to term without support.



The term surrogacy in India is becoming progressively familiar. For anyone encountering reproductive challenges, surrogacy is a lifeline of hope to have a child. A surrogate mother is a woman who will carry a child for a predetermined parent or parents who are unable to give birth to a child by their own. By researching the available options through surrogacy, you will come across the terms traditional surrogate and gestational surrogate. The following is a common description of these two types of surrogate mothers.

Traditional Surrogacy

During a traditional surrogacy the surrogate mother provides her egg as well as carries the child/children. A father’s sperm, or a donor sperm, is artificially inseminated into the woman. As the surrogate mother’s egg is used in traditional surrogacy, she is the biological mother and has a genetic connection to the child. Although several traditional surrogacies have occurred without legal conflicts, there have also been cases where the surrogate/biological mother struggled to detach from the child. Owing to lack of legal safeguards for the proposed parents in traditional surrogacy, majority of the surrogacy agencies work only with gestational carriers.

Another distinguishing factor of traditional surrogacy is that it is less expensive than gestational. Earlier before in vitro fertilization (IVF), traditional surrogacy was the only available option and it indeed, helped people to build their families. As there is a biological bonding between the traditional surrogate and the child (ren), at times a family member or a close family friend may offer their eggs and uterus for someone known to them who is desirous of creating a family. However, as a surrogate who is considering going the traditional route, you will need to make sure that your agency works with traditional surrogacy. On their part, predetermined parents should become familiar with their state laws on traditional surrogacy before considering it as an option.




Image Source : https://babygest.com/en/surrogacy-types/


Gestational Surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy is when a surrogate mother carries the child/children for the predetermined parents and has no genetic relationship to the baby (ies). The egg either comes from the intended mother or a donor, and the sperm is either from the intended father or a donor. IVF is used to create the embryo(s), which are then transmitted into the surrogate’s uterus. Even though the gestational surrogate is identified as the birth mother, a part of the legal process with this type of surrogacy authorizes that the predetermined parents will be named on the birth certificate. After the child is born, the proposed parents go on to raise their child (ren) born through surrogacy.

Gestational Surrogacy is right now the only choice with most. Various factors contribute to its desirable demand that includes legal safeguards and the usage of donor eggs amidst them. Though looking out for gestational surrogacy through a surrogacy agency may not be the most economical option, the agency’s support and advice will ensure that the process goes smoothly and all important issues are addressed.

Sources :  https://babygest.com/en/surrogacy-types/

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