Do’s and Dont’s of Pregnancy to make it Safer

Pregnancy is a very crucial moment for a parent’s life, and there are several do’s and dont’s. Both the mother and the child are vulnerable to many issues. There are instances of miscarriage even after 20th week, and therefore you need to take extra care during this entire period. 

Being a parent is the most beautiful feeling in the world, and thus to keep your child safe and strong, you need to build barriers. It is hard to let go of your favorite routine, but still, you must bring in the strength to do so. Here are some basic do’s and dont’s during the pregnancy period. 

What should you do?

Intake vitamin D and folic acids- As you all know that vitamin D helps to build muscle, bone, and teeth strong. In the same manner, vitamin D renders healthy effects on the baby inside the womb. This increases the phosphate and also the calcium level in the body. Daily doses of vitamin D will help you to maintain the correct level of calcium, but only under doctor’s guidance.

There are instances where the neural tube of the baby malfunctions. Folic Acid is the best solution and reduces every risk of it. A woman should take folic acid also before the conception.

Healthy Eating Habits- Having a good and healthy eating habit is a must during pregnancy. To-be-mother often has craving to eat as it helps to stabilize the mood. But you need to remember that you cannot put everything in you. Certain food contains infections such as toxoplasmosis, listeriosis etc. Some foods also contain an excessive amount of vitamin A as well as mercury that harms the child inside. 

Intake of excess vitamin A affects the developing process of the baby. Avoid taking the liver or products of the liver and vitamin a suppliments. 

Sleep on your side- Remember to sleep on your side as it increase the blood flow to the baby and reduces the risk of stillbirth. Mothers-to-be who are sleeping on their back at third tri-semester are vulnerable to stillbirth. Thus you must always take care and sleep on your side. 

What you should not do?

No Smoking- Smoking increases the acute risk of miscarriage. The tobacco in the blood reacts abnormally and affects the child. Thus you should stop smoking even before conception. Find a new hobby or activity during your leisure so that you can quit smoking. 

Do not eat excess- There is no need to intake extra calories during the first two tri-semester of pregnancy. From the third trimester, you can add only 200 calories only when you are active. When you intake calories it should be burnt, but during the pregnancy, rigorous exercises are not recommended. Thus always put a check on your intake of calories. 

These are some do’s and don’t’s during the entire period of pregnancy. And you must remember to connect with a doctor before leaping to a new step. For more details call your medical team, because they know you the best. 

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