Effect of Age on Reproductive System and Child Birth

Some couples prefer to spend their youth working on their career and their personal and professional duties. There are also those who want to have a child early but are not able to do so without help from a fertility treatment.  Women conceive easily before they are 33 years of age. While starting a family is a deeply personal choice, there are factors which affect it in both men and women. Age is one such factor.

Effect of Age on Female Reproductive System

When a woman is born, there are around 2 million eggs. At the time of adolescence, the egg count drops to 400,000. Every menstrual cycle releases an egg or two into the ovary, which could potentially become a pregnancy. As a woman becomes 30 years of age, the quantity and quality of the eggs decrease, and she experiences irregular periods. The lining of the uterus becomes thin and it becomes very difficult to implant an egg and fertilize it.  Pregnancy is difficult.

Effect of Age on Male Reproductive System

As a man ages, the quality of his sperm declines.  Men, however, are fertile for a longer time. Sperm disorders commonly occur at the age of 43; these disorders can be a loss of sperm quality or count and unhealthy sperms. These factors affect the baby to be born. Sperm donors in fertility clinics are aged 35 and below.

Impact of Age on Pregnancy and Child Birth

Age makes the woman susceptible to poor health and risks their health condition during the pregnancy. It causes the development of conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. These are also factors that affect childbirth and the child’s health. With age, miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy are also more common. The child will also be prone to diseases like Down’s syndrome and Edward’s Syndrome.

Fertility treatments not only identify the causes of infertility, they also suggest suitable steps in case age is a factor in the delay. Commonly used treatments are ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) which helps women carry the child for a full term and helps them in conceiving. IVF treatments are recommended for women who are less than 40 years old in older woman donor eggs can be a suitable option. `

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