Effects of Birth Control on Fertility

The effects of birth control or contraception pills are yet argued; while many say that it does not affect fertility, some professionals cite harmful aspects. Women mainly use contraception pills to inhibit the procedure of pregnancy. Most girls think it has a massive effect on later pregnancy, but it can be controlled easily. With correct knowledge and information from the fertility centers, these situations can be tackled. 

There are some effects of birth control pills, but it fades away with time. Some contraception pills provide the best outcome with low consequences, but some show a drastic change in reproduction. In this article, the types of birth control and its effect are presented in a detailed form. 

Different Types of Birth Control Method

All birth control methods have a similar goal that is to prevent pregnancy. For this purpose, there are several methods available in the market and medical steps. Some fundamental ways are:

LARC Method

Long-acting Reversible Contraception or LARC is a medical method that does not need contraception pills, and it lasts for a more extended period. This method is so effective that it lasts for five to ten years without any side effects. The Intra Uterine Device is used to prevent any situation of pregnancy. After five years, it is wise to have a regular check with your gynecologists. 

Hormonal Contraception

These are mainly contraceptive pills and injections that do not allow the sperm to meet with the egg, preventing pregnancy. Any contraceptive pills or Depo Provera injections are effective forms of contraception. Hormonal contraception includes a different combination of oral medications and progestogen contraceptives. These pills are 98% effective when patients take them accurately. 

With the injection process, the patient needs to get it after every three months, and only then the reproduction system will prevent any pregnancy situation.

Effects of Birth Control Methods

Some fertility centers confirm that birth control or contraception pills are safe for most women, but there can be side-effects for specific individuals. As hormonal changes vary from person to person, medicines’ effects can also last longer or show risks. 

The significant effect of these pills is decreased sexual drive. The entire process of reproduction starts with the sexual drive between the partners. After taking regular medications, some women do not have the sexual drive within them that causes issues. But with the correct consumption of these pills and periodic check-ups from doctors, these effects start to sweep away. 


With the advanced technology and high medical knowledge by doctors and professionals, there are several means to lower down any birth control pills. Remember to appoint a doctor for steps you are taking on this particular ground. 


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