Factors affecting the Success Rate of In-Vitro Fertilization

In-Vitro Fertilization, more popularly known as IVF, is one of the complicated processes of childbirth. The timing and the accuracy of the methods play a vital role in influencing its success rate. It is a multi-step procedure that is handled by experts in this particular field. However, some external factors have a direct or indirect effect on it. A few important ones are as follows-

  • Age

The first and foremost factor that has a lot of influence on the success of IVF is age. Elderly women have a lesser amount of egg production. The quality of the sparse amount of eggs is also not very conducive for pregnancy. According to a report, women below the age of 35 years have a higher chance of successful conception when compared to the ones who are on the wrong side of 35 years. Thus, to improve the success rate of IVF, it is better if the intervention is provided at a younger age.

  • Any issue related to fertility

Certain issues like the presence of a fibroid mass, dysfunction in the ovary, uterine wall disorders etcetera affect the success rate of IVF as well. This can be directly related to the number of times pregnancy has failed in that woman. Therefore, proper treatment for these causes should be sought after first.

  • History of pregnancies

This is a two-pronged factor. If there is a previous history of a successful pregnancy, the chances of success of IVF are more. Conversely, if there are miscarriages and complications with previous pregnancies, IVF is more likely to fail. It becomes imperative to understand why the difficulties are arising to solve this particular issue.

  • Lifestyle

When the lifestyle of a woman is unhealthy, the chances of failure of IVF are more. For example, if a mother is obese at the time of conceiving or smokes a lot at the crucial juncture, it can lead to complications in IVF. Therefore, proper counseling in this aspect is required.

  • The quality of donor egg

Since it is In-Vitro fertilization that takes place outside the body, the egg that is being used should have high virility and quality. In case the donor egg quality is compromised because of it being aged, the chances of success of IVF reduces drastically. This is another roadblock that should be prematurely identified and resolved.

IVF has its own set of advantages. It is especially useful for people who have had unsuccessful pregnancies even after trying multiple times. Control the adverse factors mentioned above and reap the success of IVF.

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