Factors that indicates you need the IUI Treatment

It has been observed that approximately approx. 12 to 18% of the couple face infertility issues and there have been lot of fertility treatments evolved and lots of them are having high success rates. IUI is an Intrauterine insemination is a fertility treatment that involves the usage of artificial insemination which is placing of sperm in woman’s uterus for facilitation the movement of sperm reaching to fallopian tubes to result in pregnancy.

You must not ignore the factors that might be indicating you to seek the help of doctor and check if you need the IUI Treatment. IUI treatment is mostly recommended to couple who have:

  • Low Sperm Count – Male partner with low sperm count
  • Donor sperm – IUI is commonly used by single women who wish to start family and try to conceive using donor sperm. Freezed donor sperm can be obtained from certified labs and placed inside the uterus to increase chances of pregnancy using this treatment.
  • Unexplained infertility – When couple faces unexplained fertility problems and there could be any reason for it such as mobility issues, failed fertilization in women, low sperm count, abnormalities in shape and size of sperm etc. In this case, IUI is recommended as first treatment along with prescribed medication for ovulation.
  • Fertility issues pertaining to Endometriosis – If couple faces fertility issues due to endometriosis, medication is prescribed to generate good quality eggs in addition to the IUI Treatment.
  • Cervical factor – Cervix is the lower end of uterus that provides the opening between uterus and vagina. Mucus in the cervix while ovulating facilitate travelling of sperm from vagina to uterus, but is mucus is too thick it might impact the transmission of sperm.
  • Allergy from Semen – If a woman have allergy of protein from partner’s semen, then ejaculation inside vagina might cause redness, burning sensation or swelling. This compels the couple to use condom to prevent allergy and it will prevent pregnancy as well. In this case, IUI is recommended as proteins in semen as washed away before placing the sperm inside uterus.

IUI is a widely utilized and one of the cost effective treatment for infertility, however success rate depends or varies according to the patient’s medical condition and their cycle specific factors. It might be more effective if started early. If you have being trying longer to conceive without any luck, contact your fertility doctor as soon as possible to get recommendations.

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