Five Common Conditions That Require IUI Treatment

Intrauterine Insemination is a technique where the sperm is directly put into the uterus with the help of a catheter so that pregnancy takes place. The process is done to increase the number of sperms reaching the fallopian tubes, thereby increasing the fertility chances. For boosting ovulation, women often take fertility drugs.

IUI can only be performed if the woman has unblocked and healthy fallopian tubes, IUI treatment can be taken in following conditions:

  • Unexplained Infertility

IUI Treatment is ideal for those couples who have unexplained fertility and have been trying to get pregnant for more than two years.

  • Low Sperm Count

IUI is also suitable for the couples who could not conceive as the male has low sperm count.

  • Impotency or Premature Ejaculation

It can also be used in the cases where the couples are facing intercourse issues like premature ejaculation or impotency.

  • Problem with sperm reaching the eggs

IUI may also be recommended in condition where the sperms are not able to reach the eggs properly, like it happens in case of Hostile Cervical Mucus.

  • Ovulatory Issues

IUI may also be performed on women who have ovulation problems and are also taking stimulating drugs.

It is crucial that the sperm to be inserted should be healthy and mobile so that they can reach the eggs and fertilization can take place. IUI Treatment helps the sperm and eggs to get together. It stimulates the sperm but the sperm has to reach out the egg of its own.

IUI treatment can also be performed with the help of a donor sperm. Donor sperm can be used in case if the male partner is infertile or has any genetic disorder that can pass to the unborn. IUI with donor sperms are also successful, however, the process may have a significant emotional impact on you and your partner with the newborn child for a long-term. Therefore, it is important that the clinics should provide counselling to the couples who are opting for donor sperm. The counselling sessions can help you to discuss your concerns and fears freely with the counsellor and pass the difficult process of insemination treatment easily.

IUI Treatment offers number of benefits as it also provides relevant information regarding the diagnosis. The treatment is infact, a cheaper and viable option for the couples who are not able to conceive due to some problem. The treatment itself is not much difficult and you may just feel cramps like you feel during your periods. The treatment is generally under without any anaesthesia and takes only few minutes to perform. The process is almost like an embryo transfer that is done during IVF. Through IUI, the doctor can know more about your cycles and how sperm would be after the preparation.

Success Rate of IUI

The success rates of IUI (15% – 20%) depend upon various factors. The results may be more appealing in the younger age women in one cycle. However, the chances of success increases to a greater extent when IUI is performed together with use of ovulation-stimulation drugs like Clomifene.

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