Four Babies Born By Test Tube Technique At Our Centre

Rana Hospital becomes the first Hospital in North India to achieve it.

A lot of couples are suffering from the infertility problem. Both men and women may be infertile for a different reason. However, there are plenty of remedies available to assist couples with this issue. Many couples have problems on infertility and the best solution for this problem is the IVF centers. A lot of IVF centers are available today.

One of the famous and reputed IVF center is the Rana IVF center. This IVF center gives diverse procedures and techniques to aid couples to become pregnant. The great thing about this infertility center is that it employs specialists in the field who are highly familiar with the different cases of infertility and they will be able to handle each case and situation armed with a lot of knowledge in what to do, particularly in more unique instances like the one.

Four babies born by test tube technique in this center

On 16th December 2017, two parents named Ramandeep and Ranvir are gifted with four babies because of the treatment of this center. They were gifted with quadruplet on 16/12/2016. Both couples had this infertility problem for more than seven years. Even though they took treatment from several hospitals, nothing worked. After that they came to Rana IVF Center in 2016 February. After had a consultation with the doctor the couples took IVF treatment in May.

Quaruplets by Test Tube Technique at Rana FertilityThe couples got good result in the very first cycle as the patient conceived. It was found that they got quadruplets and they accepted to go with all four. This type of pregnancy is quite difficult than the normal one so it was monitored by Dr. Vijaydeep Kaur who is a specialist in IVF and Chief Gynaecologist at the center. With the proper care provided in the center, the babies were born with good health on 16th December. All the four babies out of whom two were males and two females were very active after the birth and they didn’t need any respiratory support. The weights of the babies were 1.8Kg, 1.5Kg, 1.2Kg and 990 Gms.

The biggest achievement is that Rana IVF center Ludhiana, Punjab is the first to achieve quadruplets born in test tube technique at one time in North India. This is a greatest milestone achieved by this IVF center.

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