Freezing Egg could be useful for Cancer Patients.

Cancer and Fertility can go hand in hand now! Fertility in patients who have been suffering from Cancer can be preserved now. Cancer and their treatments could affect the fertility of the patients and, therefore, if patients are planning to have baby post treatment, then proper planning is required.

This sort of planning involves preservation of fertility that can be used later on to have children and it includes:

  • Preservation of Eggs from females
  • Preservation of Sperms or reproductive tissues from males

Preservation of Fertility for females suffering from Cancer:

There are certain types of cancer surgeries during which some organs are removed which are required for pregnancy. Certain treatments might affect the hormones level in the body and can affect the releasing of eggs due to the female lose their fertility either temporarily or permanently or it affects the entire process.

If women want to bear baby after the treatment, then they may choose the steps to preserve fertility. It is recommended to consult your doctor beforehand about the cancer treatment and its possible impacts on conceiving later on, so that you can plan accordingly and take necessary steps. It might also help you in understanding the risk and chances of success of fertility associated with any particular type of fertility preserving procedure.

Natural pregnancy might be possible after treatment:

The females who were fertile before they might gain the fertility back naturally after the treatments and females can produce mature eggs that can be used in the ovary to get pregnant. However, the doctor recommends waiting for 6 months to two years after the treatment to plan for a baby so that birth defects from the eggs that get damaged due to chemotherapy or other treatments, can be prevented. The 2-year period is generally recommended because risk of cancer reversing is generally highest in first two years. Besides, the length of gapping with treatment and pregnancy depends upon the type of cancer and the treatment taken.

Process of Freezing Eggs and preserve fertility:

During Freezing of eggs, some oral or injectable medications are used to stimulate the ovary so that it can produce multiple eggs. It might take 8-11 days, and a patient must take medication as prescribed. Once the ovaries produce eggs, these would be removed following a certain procedure and will be placed in a special solution to make them ready to freeze. Post this, eggs are kept in liquid nitrogen to freeze and store them for anytime duration.

If you are not sure what to do and are worried about anything relating with fertility, consult with a counsellor or your doctor to help you and give you more clarity to make best decision.

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