Getting A Healthy Pregnancy After Age of 40

30 years age is ideally considered as the best age to conceive a healthy pregnancy. A pregnancy is known to be associated with critical risks like congenital abnormalities and Down’s syndrome if it is planned post 35. However, many female celebrities prefer to postpone their pregnancy and mange to give birth to a healthy child in their 40’s as well. There is no secret behind this but it is actually possible due to the advanced research of medical technology. The medical advancement has made it possible for women to have pregnancy in their 40’s if they couldn’t have it in their early 30’s. A healthy pregnancy can be planned by considering some important factors along with significant changes in lifestyle choices.

Having a Healthy Pregnancy in Your 40sAlways go for a pre-consultation: The first thing to do before planning a pregnancy is to opt for a pre-consultation. Talk to your caregiver in detail and discuss about the possibilities of a healthy pregnancy and the possible complications related to it. One thing that you should always remember is that pregnancy after 40s is not going to be as easy as it is during 30’s, so it needs to have special care and attention. Pregnancy after 40s carries a risk of chromosomal birth defects, so talk to your doctor regarding the various fertility options and get these options evaluated if they are suitable for you. He may recommend certain important investigations to ensure that planning childbirth is safe for you.

Opt for a healthy lifestyle before conceiving: Following a healthy lifestyle even before planning a baby will help you to have a healthy pregnancy. Keep your body fit by taking a healthy diet including foods like fruits and vegetables, whole grains and high protein followed with an exercise routine. Avoid smoking and alcohol as they significantly reduce the chances of getting pregnant.

Know about gestational diabetes and hypertension: Risk of gestational hypertension and diabetes is likely to occur during pregnancy but it reaches to a higher level when pregnancy happens in older age. Doctors need to keep a track of your blood pressure and prescribe medicines in case it is high. Untreated high blood pressure can later result in preeclampsia during pregnancy and gestational diabetes can also be fatal resulting in a bigger baby.  Therefore, keeping blood pressure and sugar levels under control is extremely important when pregnancy is planned in 40’s.

Get aware of after conception conditions: Women planning childbirth in older age are more prone to issues like placenta previa, premature delivery, still birth and miscarriage. They tend to have more bleeding after child birth as compared to the younger ones.

Unlikely younger women, older women do not have fresh eggs as they get old with their age. For such situation, egg freezing, is the best option that a woman can choose if she wants to postponeher pregnancy for older age.The female can get her healthy eggs frozen in her younger age, which can be used later for the pregnancy. Many renowned IVF centres provide facility of egg freezing. You can discuss with your specialist regarding the detailed information of the process.

Although, giving childbirth is possible after 40, but it involves certain complications, so it is better to plan it as early as possible. Moreover, older women are not much active in raising their babies like younger women. So, if you are mentally and physically prepared to face all these challenges, then only you should go for planning a pregnancy in your 40’s. A safe and healthy pregnancy at this time requires strict monitoring with the doctor. Keeping all these things in mind, one can surely have a risk-free and easy delivery, despite her age.

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