How can you handle the failure of the IVF Cycle?

You do not need to worry about the failed IVF cycle, as there is more to it and can be re-stimulated with the help of the experts. It is wise to keep calm and try for another cycle that might turn to be a success. There are times when you are disappointed with the result after the complete IVF cycle is done, but the patients should relax and hold their nerve and find a solution with the help of the experts to have a better outcome.

Many of the patients think that it is a must to have positive news at first go, but there are instances where a conclusive result is gained after two to three attempts. Thus you need not over-think it, and keep on trying until a positive outcome. Go through the article to know the reasons and how you can handle a failed IVF cycle.

Reasons for failure:

Each of the steps in the IVF cycle must be treated and examined properly, as there is always a chance of failure. The entire process is intricate and the experts need to have a certain outcome at each step. Some of the reasons for the failure are

  • Problems at the time of retrieval of an egg from the woman
  • Unhealthy egg 
  • Malfunction of the sperms
  • Less amount of eggs being produced
  • Miscalculation during implantation 
  • Poor endometrium

Ways to handle the failure

Keep it secret

You should not consult with everyone about the failure in the IVF cycle as there are people who pass comments that are discouraging. A patient needs peace of mind and relaxation to heal from the pressure and the tension of the entire process. Be selective in consulting with people whom you can trust and be sure that they won’t be pessimistic about it. If you have already passed the information about the IVF to everyone around, stop rendering any more. Keep it to the family and close ones. 

Stop blaming yourself

The patient often blames themselves for the failure in the cycle, which generates discouragement and tension that are harmful. It is seen from the studies that tension and pressure tend to lower the quality of sperm and egg. You must think that you have rendered your best effort in the process. This helps to overcast the guilt in you. 

 If you are thinking too much about the spilled milk, it will only de-motivate and also lower the potential of the eggs and sperms, which can give a positive result in the future. Support and love are the most necessary things that a couple can give to each other after failure.

Heal from the depression

You must find ways and solutions to heal from the depression of the failure of IVF. It is hard to forget about the failure, but the solution lies within you. 

These are some of the reasons and the solutions on how to handle the failure. Infertility is one of the most common problems nowadays and you need not overdo it; keep calm and hope for the best. 

You should talk with the fertility specialist to discuss any problem which can be improved upon so you can have a better outcome in the next cycle.


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