How Diabetes Affect Reproductive Health of Male Female

The reproductive system is one of the most important systems of the human body. It plays a vital role in the combination of the DNA of the male and female to produce a child. Therefore, it is significant to forward the generations. Unfortunately, there are quite a few aspects that can act as a threat to reproductive health. Diabetes is definitely one of them. It is important to assess the debilitating effect that diabetes has on the reproductive system.

How Diabetes Affect Reproductive HealthThe Main Components of the Male Reproductive System

 It primarily consists of the testes and the penis along with the urethra and prostate gland. The testes act as a reservoir for sperm which contains the DNA of a man. It is instrumental for use in fertilization. The prostate gland protects the sperm while the penis and urethra are responsible for transporting it to the outside.

How Diabetes Affects the Male Reproductive System

 Diabetes attacks the blood vessels that supply the penis. Therefore, it becomes difficult for the male to maintain an erection. Other than maintenance, even the initiation of the erection gets compromised. Since diabetes also affects the nerve supply, the sensations and the arousal that is generally noticed get compromised. Diabetes treatment can play a huge role in controlling this issue. Symptomatic treatment like the use of Viagra and other medications can also play a huge role here.

The Main Components of the Female Reproductive System

 Among the female reproductive organs, the main components are the uterus and ovaries along with the fallopian tube and vagina. They act as a portal of entry of the eggs and the sperm and also the area of fertilization. Therefore, it is important for the maintenance of reproductive health.

How Diabetes Affects the Female Reproductive System 

The effect in the female reproductive system is similar to that of males and it is also caused due to a lack of blood and nerve supply to the various organs. Arousal, as well as lubrication, becomes an issue. It can be further compounded by the presence of some psychological impact that can have negative implications as well. It is important to keep optimal blood sugar levels so that it does not have any harmful effect on the fetus. Thus, Diabetes is definitely a point of concern here.


Diabetes has a lot of serious adverse effects and diminishing reproductive health is definitely one of them. It is imperative to know about it to avoid any complications

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