In-Vitro Fertilization Using Donor Eggs

Delaying the age at which you conceive significantly affects your odds of having a child without help. Women have been known to opt for artificial technologies for reproduction such as IVF with their own eggs.  Several women have found this to be difficult as the quality of the eggs decreases with age and thus affects the chances of pregnancy. Donor eggs are opted in such cases. IVF is a boon for those who have not been able to conceive by normal methods.  Here is the Guide to IVF using Donor Eggs by the best IVF centre in India:

1. The first step is to make sure that you are able to accept an implant following IVF procedures. The uterus should be checked to determine if it has the caoability and the strength to carry a fetus to term. The male is also checked and tested for fertility issues.  It is recommended that the IVF treatment be done with your eggs before a donor can be considered.

2. In case the eggs are not viable, the only option available is using an egg donor.  Usually, fertility clinics have the details of egg donors maintained in a database.  Some other clinics have agencies with which they work for obtaining donors. In case the donors are taken from the fertility clinic, they are local whereas the agency has a wider range.

3. Once registered with a donor agency, the profiles of the donors can be accessed. The profile has the donors general information, profession, physical characteristics and all minute details about the donor.

4. You then choose the profile that appeals to you the most, based on the characteristics that are closest with the intended mother. Some parents try to choose based on characteristics like beauty, academic achievements and talent rather than their physical appearance. Donors aged between 21 and 30 are usually preferred as the quality recedes after the age of 30.

5. Egg donation is usually anonymous and there could be visibility in case both the parties consent to it. In this case, it is known as an open donation.

6. Once the donor is selected, the agency is contacted to ascertain the availability, which the agency checks with the donor.  An agreement is signed and a non-refundable fee is paid. A backup donor is also chosen to be on the safer side. The donor is also sent the compensation fee.

IVF with donor eggs in India is similar to a normal IVF. The only difference is the source of the eggs is a donor, who will be monitored by the clinic closely with blood tests and ultrasounds.

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