Is Hysteroscopy beneficial before IVF?

If you are a couple who is looking for an IVF treatment to overcome the fertility issues, you must have come across the term hysteroscopy. Most of the doctors recommend having it done before you have an IVF treatment. But what exactly is this procedure and why is it important to get it done before IVF? Such questions may pop up in your mind. So, let us shed some light on the information and need for hysteroscopy.

What is Hysteroscopy?

Hysteroscopy is a procedure where a long, thin and lighted telescope fitted with a camera is inserted through your vagina into your uterus. The device lets the doctor see your uterus by projecting an image on screen. This helps the doctor diagnose and tackle problems like fibroid tumours, Polyps (grape like structure) and Septum. Moreover, the through hysteroscopy, the doctor can ascertain the cavity length to judge the where the embryo should be dropped during embryo transfer through IVF.

The need of having hysteroscopy done mainly arises when the woman has abnormal uterine bleeding.  It means that her periods last much longer than normal or are too heavy or occur too less than normal. Hysteroscopy can be further used to perform sterilization by blocking the fallopian tube, to remove scar tissues known as adhesions and to locate an intrauterine device (IUD).

Hysteroscopy is one of the essential tests in addition to other tests like HSG, semen analysis and trans-vaginal ultrasound that a fertility specialist may prescribe to find the possible causes of infertility.

Hysteroscopy and IVF

The reasons for several unsuccessful IVF attempts can be problems in the woman’s uterus or genetic problems. Earlier also, many doctors used to perform hysteroscopy in case of failed IVF cycles to find out and scar tissue or uterine growth and remove them. The uterine cavity can be assesses by other non-invasive treatments like hysterosonography (HSN) where an ultrasound is performed after infusing a small amount of salt water into the uterus.

Several researchers have found Hysteroscopy to be beneficial after an IVF cycle has failed. Many clinics are now performing hysteroscopy routinely before starting with any IVF treatment with an aim of removing scar tissue or polyps to improve the chance of IVF success. For uterine analysis, hysteroscopy is a gold standard.

Hysteroscopy is an uncomplicated and a risk-free process. Also, there are no side-effects. When any abnormality is found, the patients should go for it. Before IVF, they should also go for LH, FSH and STD tests. Any problem with the uterine can further result in miscarriage or infertility. For a successful IVF, your health needs to be perfect.

It is true that hysteroscopy can prove beneficial prior to IVF, but it should be used selectively. If any abnormality is found during an ultrasound, a hysteroscopy will help the doctor to confirm the diagnosis and treat it. If your doctor suggests you to get hysteroscopy done prior to IVF, you must get it done without any doubts as it will help your doctor to treat the problem related to your uterus. It is important to have an open discussion about the procedure with the fertility doctor with whom you are going to work together and find the best solution for you.

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