IVF in Time of Corona Virus (Covid-19)

For an Infertility couple, decision to get IVF done is a big one, both emotionally and financially. Everything seemed to be going well with the world until this wave of corona infection hit us hard and engulfed the entire world. It is a scary time to be in.

To conceive a pregnancy at this time is not a very wise idea because we don’t yet know the effects of the virus on pregnant females and the fetus growing inside.

IVF in Time of CoronaAlso, we don’t want patients visiting the hospital and crowding them to maintain the concept of social distancing. Therefore, all fertility clinics should suspend all fertility treatments until the situation normalizes.  For those patients who had already started their stimulation injections, there is no going back. We have to retrieve their eggs and form embryos. However, no embryo transfers should be done until the situation clears. We are following the “freeze-all” policy to reduce the burden on an already overburdened health system.

Though this all might be very disappointing to the patients, they should understand that this is for their good and the greater good of society. Fertility treatment is not an emergency and can be delayed in such exceptional and harrowing circumstances.

Also, pregnancy that too after so many years of infertility is a blessing and a wonderful experience and should not be had when the sword of uncertainty and doom hangs over our necks.

Stay Safe and Maintain Social Distancing!!!!!

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