IVF with Donor Eggs – When Nothing Works

Struggling for months or years to get pregnant but still no success! It’s time that you consider egg donation now. When all chances of getting pregnant and having a baby are gone, egg donation provides you with a great alternative to complete your dream of having your own baby. Through IVF, the donors eggs will be fertilized with your partner’s sperm and then the embryos will be transferred to your uterus, where implantation will take place. Through egg donation, several women, who are trying to get pregnant from long time, can get a chance to get pregnant.


Egg Donation is a conception solution and an option for those couples who are not able to have children due to low quality or suboptimal quality eggs. It is a method where a donor woman donated her eggs to the couple to enable them to conceive. The result of IVF with donor eggs has been quite encouraging and several women are coming forward to become donors.

Why to use Donor Eggs?

The biggest reason why a woman may need donor eggs to get pregnant is because either her eggs are of low qualities that are not capable of creating a healthy pregnancy or she is not able to produce eggs of her own. The lack of production of eggs in a woman can be due to menopause where eggs are failing to fertilize, poor ovarian development, premature ovarian failure or lack of ability to ovulate due to any surgery like chemotherapy.  A woman may also need donated eggs in the situation when she is able to ovulate but carry any genetic abnormality that can be passed to the baby. So, to avoid passing of the genetic disorder to the baby, a woman may opt for donor eggs with IVF.

A woman has to undergo several medical tests to check capability of her body to sustain pregnancy before she receives donated eggs. Likewise, medical tests are required for the donor woman as well. The decision to opt for donor eggs is not easy for a woman, but the conceiving becomes difficult when the supply of eggs gets diminished. Egg Donation tends to be a safe and trusted option in such case and when a woman has suffered recurrent pregnancy loss and undergone extensive treatment for infertility.

Now, the couples can shop for the frozen donor eggs from egg banks online. The donor woman can get her donor eggs frozen. By freezing eggs, it becomes easy for the donor to go for a screening process, start medication to retrieve her eggs and get them frozen and ready to be used by the willing couples.

Donor eggs give a chance to a woman to get pregnant and overcome infertility at any age. It provides them a chance of bringing a baby in their isolated lives, when you think it has become impossible. Many couples are still apprehensive about egg donation for IVF. Seeking professional counselling can help you to go through the process of IVF and Egg Donation and deal with the issues.

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