Know About the Process of Surrogacy in India

Surrogacy has become very common these days in India. It is an agreement made between the intended parent and the gestational carrier. The woman carrying the embryo is called a surrogate. Surrogacy has become popular nowadays because of the increasing problems during pregnancy. The woman carries the baby on behalf of the couple.

In this process, the entire expense is done by the intended parents, from medication to surgery. When there is a possible risk to the mother, surrogacy is the only option. If you want to know more, and find out the different processes just go through the article.

Reason for Surrogacy

  • Congenital absence of Uterus
  • Uterus removed due to other reasons.
  • Deformed Uterus

Different Steps of Surrogacy

Decision Making

The decision making and agreeing to the norms are the foremost part of surrogacy. Both partners need to decide because their decision plays a crucial role in later life. The intended parents need to understand the role, and all the hardships they need to take to bring up a child. Peace of mind, and also mental support helps to settle things between the parents.

Research about the entire process, and also understand the difficulties of a surrogate mother for better guidance. For those who are looking forward to being a surrogate, it is a beautiful decision. You are giving a selfless gift to another person. This brings in the financial benefits and a sense of satisfaction.


After the decision making, now is the time for preparation of the entire process. Surrogacy is based on two types: Firstly, gestational and second, traditional. In India only gestational Surrogacy is allowed.

  • Gestational– In this process, the embryo is not biologically connected with the surrogate mother. The egg from the intended mother or sometimes a donor copulated with the sperm of the intended father or donor. The process of copulation is carried out in the laboratory. After the first successful step, the embryo is transferred to the surrogate mother.

Perfect match

Once the above steps are completed, it is important to find a match. The intended parents need to know about the surrogate mother, and vice-versa. After both parties conclude, the process begins. Law contracts are made, the surrogacy agency acts as the bridge to connect the intended parents with the surrogate.

A surrogate mother is stepping forward for the noblest cause in the world. She is helping couple who are not gifted naturally to have the gift of child. From financial help to a stable future, all are assured to the surrogates.  These are some of the basic information that is necessary before opting for surrogacy. For more details, it is recommended to connect with a legit surrogacy agency near you at the foremost. 

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