Learn About Bleeding and Spotting in the First Trimester of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a blessing to a woman but often people face several unusual things that make them worried. This article shall reflect on bleeding and spotting that many women face during the first trimester of their pregnancy. There are also useful remedies to these problems and the real reasons behind their occurrence discussed below.

Important facts about bleeding and spotting in the early stage of pregnancy

Bleeding in the first trimester is a clear indication of a miscarriage and often gives birth to worries in a young mother. But that is not always the case and there are several other reasons that raise this problem. Many women experiences spotting and bleeding in their first trimester and 50% out of these lead to a miscarriage. However, the rest 50% survives and the mothers are able to give birth to a healthy baby.

Things to do while experiencing spotting and bleeding

The foremost thing to do in this problem is wearing a pad as that shall help in monitoring the flow properly. This will also help in understanding the type of blood that is coming out of the vagina and can give a clear indication to the doctor. The use of a tampon is extremely discouraged by the health advisors at this time and one should also avoid introducing any other object in the vagina.

It is important to see a doctor at the earliest as he will be able to detect the problem better. If there is any sign of a miscarriage then the doctor shall advise some useful remedies that can come to the help of the pregnant lady.

What are the reasons that lead to spotting or bleeding in the first trimester?

One can consider miscarriage as the obvious reason for bleeding or spotting in the first trimester but there are several other reasons too. Those reasons shall be discussed below:

Continuation of the menstrual cycle: most of the cases it has been seen that the menstrual cycle carries on for a decent amount of time during pregnancy. The bleeding starts more or less at the same time as the date of the period and there is nothing much to worry about it.

Implantation bleeding: this type of bleeding is experienced any time between 6 and 12 days after a woman gets pregnant. This symptom varies with women and for some, it may last for a few hours while others may have it for three or four days.

Infection in the pelvic cavity or urinary tract: this type of infection is quite common in many women and often leads to bleeding.

Reasons for a miscarriage

Most of the miscarriages take place during the first 1 gestational weeks of pregnancy. If the miscarriage takes place in a natural process then it clearly indicates that the body was unable to carry the baby. But there are several other reasons like falling down, traveling extensively and many others that lead to miscarriage in a woman.

Therefore, if you are experiencing spotting and bleeding in your early trimester, then you should consult your gynecologist at the earliest.

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