Low sperm Quality and how to improve it?

Living in 21st century, one of the most common problems that are faced by men are fertility issues. Earlier, everyone was of the view that only women can suffer from the fertility issues but the fact is that the men can also suffer from fertility issues. If a man is suffering from a sex problem, he should consult a doctor and should not be ashamed of telling his problem to him/her in detail. He should also not hesitate while talking with his partner about the problem. Because if he will not tell anyone, he will not make himself only suffer of it but his partner as well. One of the main causes that can lead to male infertility is the low sperm count or also called as low sperm mobility.

There are some things that we ignore in our daily life which can lead to low sperm count and they are discussed below:

  1. Nowadays, we really want to have a luxurious life and always find some shortcut methods that can affect our body. One of the things that we do to reduce our body fat is using a sauna belt which gives heat to our body. Also, sometimes we take hot baths to relieve our stress.But if we are practicing these things daily,it can reduce the production of the sperm in our body.
  2. We should eat food which is full of vitamins and minerals that can help to produce the good quality sperm.Our diet should also contain zinc, but we really ignore these items and eat more fast food.
  3. Everyone wants a muscular body and in order to have a muscular body, we should exercise hard. But some people take shortcuts and use steroids injections which can decrease their sperm quality.
  4. One of the crucial causes for low-quality sperm is smoking. Nowadays many people have a bad habit of smoking which can increase the amount of nicotine in their body, which can further lead to decrease in the sperm production.

How to improve the sperm quality?

There are many treatments available which can help to increase the sperm quality. Some people have low sperm count due to an infection in urinary or reproductive tract which can be cured by taking proper medicines prescribed by the sexologist. Along with medications,Hormone Replacement Treatments can also be used if the cause of the low sperm quality is due to hormonal imbalance. So, the causes of this problem can be many and solutions and treatments are accordingly available for.

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