Myths about Infertility- That you must keep in your mind

The incapability of a woman to give birth to a baby is termed as infertility. This is a common problem and is very stressful to handle. There are many myths about infertility that makes the condition worse. Here are some very common myths whose actual truth needs to be understood.

Taking birth controls causes infertility

This is a very common myth which says that women who take various birth control measures often become infertile. But the truth is that no birth control measure causes infertility. There are many women who are able to conceive soon after they stop using those contraception methods while others take a little longer.

A woman’s age has nothing to do with fertility

This is incorrect. Research says that a woman’s best fertility years are in her 20’s. The ability to reproduce moderately reduces after she reaches her 30’s. A woman in her 20’s can conceive much easier than in her 30’s. This is also true for men. Also conceiving at an older age calls for many complications in the pregnancy.

The irregular menstrual cycle is a symptom of infertility

Irregular menstrual cycles indicate that the woman has difficulty in ovulation. This can make the process of conception difficult but does not guarantee infertility. There are many reasons which can lead to irregular menstrual cycles like stress, obesity or some severe disease.

Women with PCOS or Endometriosis are surely infertile

Many women have diseases like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) or Endometriosis. These health issues are surely not favorable for pregnancy but do not indicate infertility. There are many women who face these problems but can conceive with some medical assistance.

Only women face infertility problems

If a couple is unable to give birth to a child then it is always regarded as the fault of the woman and not the man. But this is very untrue as a man can equally face a fertility problem as a woman. So if a couple is facing some pregnancy issue then both of them should go for a medical checkup and not the woman only.

Infertility takes place due to psychological problems

It is very important to get the fact right that infertility is a problem of the reproductive system of the body and not a psychological problem. The failure of conceiving a child can lead to several psychological disorders and stress. But it is a complete physical problem of the body. Positive thinking and proper medical assistance can help anybody overcome an infertility issue.

Health has nothing to do with infertility

This is completely untrue as you need to maintain good health, proper weight, and quit bad habits like smoking and drinking to enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

Treatments are very expensive

Treatments like IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) are expensive but you can find out ways to manage the expense. There are also several other ways by which you can combat infertility. In India many IVF & Fertility Centers are available at very affordable prices for such treatments.

These are some of the very common myths that people should get over now.

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