Myths Facts about Artificial Reproductive Treatment (IVF)

Artificial Reproductive Treatment (ART), also known as In-vitro Fertilization(IVF) is a very familiar term and widely used phenomenon nowadays. Due to the fast life that the modern world is leading with a high amount of fast food and alcohol intake, the youths, as well as the matured, are losing their sexual fertility quotient leading to failed pregnancy attempts. This failure often leads to depression and frustration from life as this not only confines to a personal mental struggle but also adds to the struggle due to family and society pressures. The best solution to this growing problem of the modern world is IVF.

myth facts ivf

In spite of being successful phenomena of childbirth, there are some myths that surround the IVF treatment which makes it difficult to opt for or accept as an alternative measure to pregnancy. Few of the myths are stated below.

 Multiple Pregnancy

The most common myth is regarding IVF is multiple pregnancies, that is twins or maybe more as a result of the childbirth process. Multiple pregnancies occur generally due to the use of gonadotropin as injectable fertility drugs and various medications for boosting ovulation. Young girls have more tendency of having twins. Although multiple pregnancies are true, the majority is likely to give a single birth.

100% success rate

The success rate is nearly 40% for the age group below 35 years and gets lower as the age increases. The success rates depend on natural physical status, hormonal issues and the reason behind infertility apart from the age factor. Thus, a huge myth surrounds this achievement factor.

The only option for infertility

Couples with infertility have a myth that IVF is the only solution to their problem, while it is not true. There are various alternatives to childbirth and infertility in terms of medical science which includes techniques such as Ovulation Induction (OI) and intrauterine insemination (IUI) apart from IVF. The choice depends on the complexity of the problem.

Prone to birth problems

There is another myth that IVF children are born with birth defects, late development, and malnutrition. The danger of aberrant fetus is unpredictable. Although there is a low rate of risk, most IVF results in healthy childbirth.

IVF is for the rich

There is a myth that IVF is very costly and is only an affordable factor for the rich, which is not true. Although a little costly, IVF is less expensive than many other treatment methods and with various insurance companies supporting the treatment it becomes affordable.

C-section birth is a must for IVF babies

The delivery method of a baby is totally a personal choice and also a health dependent choice. So it is the right physician who can actually suggest whether to opt for a c-section or a vaginal birth by investigating the medical conditions of the mother. Thus, like a normal pregnancy, IVF also has a choice for both, although c-section is preferred.

This article will help you increase awareness regarding IVF and know its capabilities in spite of the myths.

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