On Which Condition Patient Should Choose IUI or IVF

It is many a times a matter of confusion for the patient that whether she should go for IVF or IUI. A patient has to be a good candidate in order to perform IVF. Patients who are having problem with conceiving for over a year should consult with a fertility specialist. A good candidate actually means that she is in overall in a good health. Some other criteria which include being a good candidate for IVF.

  • Age- if the woman is 35 years old or more than that and has been trying to conceive for than 5 years but not being able to.
  • Endometriosis –patients with endometriosis can look forward to the way of IVF treatment. The quality and the quantity of the eggs and the tubes get affected due to the Endometriosis. Hence, pregnancy rate is much higher if treated with IVF then other fertility treatments.
  • IVF treatment is best for the ones who have scarred, blocked, damaged or missing fallopian tubes. The IVF process usually bypasses the entire Fallopian tube. It also an effective as well as an alternative process than to the surgical options which unblocks the damaged tubes.
  • The patients who have failed all other forms of fertility treatment including IUI or Intrauterine Insemination then IVF provides a ray of hope to those women who have been unsuccessful with other methods of conceiving.
  • Patients who have failed several times with the IUI treatment.

Many a times a question arises that why should the patient choose IVF over IUI? Though most of the time it depends on the preference of the patient and her family. Patients who do not have a severe problem with pregnancy might directly opt for IVF method of treatment rather than several IUI treatments. But there are some patients who try for several times of IUI method than moving towards IVF. There is no hard and first rule, but it is always advised that the patients who have the common problems might go for the IVF treatment.

A minority of patients do not fit for the criteria of the IVF treatment but still opt for it. These patients usually have problems with sexual intercourse because of vaginismus and are also of older age. So they like to go for the IVF process to have a better success rate.

There are also some patients who are perfectly fitted for IVF treatment but opt for other fertility methods such as IUI. In such cases, there happens to be some reasons behind it. The most common reason happens to be the financial crisis. Some other reasons are the patient’s backgrounds such as her age, the problems she faced, duration of the marriage, their affordable budget, state of her fallopian tubes, fertility treatments tried by her and the things which they have not yet tried.

Exceptions in IVF treatment include the patients who cannot produce eggs or sperms will not be benefited with the IVF procedure. In this case, some patients opt for exploring the option of the donor’s egg.

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