PCOS – Diet & Exercise

PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a very common disease in women caused due to hormonal disorders. The symptoms are irregular menstrual cycles, excessive weight gain, and sleeplessness. The hormonal disorders and insulin resistance make the conditions worse for women and they find it very difficult to reduce those extra pounds. However, a healthy diet and proper exercising can come to their rescue.

PCOS DIET & EXERCISEBelow are some useful tips for a healthy diet and exercise that can help you combat the harmful effects of PCOS.

Take less carbohydrate

It is a known fact that carbohydrate has an effect on insulin level. Therefore, reducing the intake of high GI carbohydrates can be helpful for women suffering from PCOS. It will help to regulate the insulin level and thus, reduce excessive weight gaining.

Eat a good amount of Protein

Protein helps to maintain a good blood sugar level. It also gives a feeling of fullness without increasing weight. Protein has a very positive effect on the weight loss process as it lessens your hunger and helps you burn more calories. Egg, milk, chicken, fish, nuts, are examples of healthy protein foods.

Intake plenty of Fiber-rich foods

Fiber-rich food items can be very helpful for women suffering from PCOS as they help in losing weight. Fiber increases the metabolism process of the body. Therefore, your food gets digested properly and the excess fat excretes from the body. High fiber diet also reduces insulin resistance.

Take healthy options of fat

The healthy fats help you to feel full after any meal. Therefore, your craving for more food gets diminished. You feel less hungry. Healthy fats also increase your stomach’s volume. Thus you need fewer calories for the whole day. This is very helpful in overcoming weight gaining in women suffering from PCOS. Avocados, olive oil, nut butter, are good examples of healthy fats.

Consume less processed foods and those containing added sugar

Processed food items are not considered healthy at all and the food items with added sugar increases insulin resistance. These are the enemies of a PCOS patient. Women should avoid these unhealthy food items as much as possible to reduce her excess body weight and maintain good insulin resistance. All the fast foods along with sweet items like cakes, pastries, candies should be avoided.

Make a regular habit of exercising

Regular exercising not only helps you to reduce your body weight but also improves your mental and physical health. A regular half an hour of exercise can work wonders for PCOS sufferers. It also helps them to get a regular menstrual cycle. Thus, your body and mind stay fit along with reduced harmful effects of the disease.

Get a good amount of sleep

Sound sleep for at least 7 hours a day can improve your health many fold times. It reduces the harmful effects of various toxins in the body. Sound sleep also helps the body to balance the hormones.

These are some of the useful diet and exercise tips for a PCOS patient which can help her get a healthier life.

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