Pregnancy Miscarriage – Facts you Need to Know About it

Nearly 20 percent of women suffer from pregnancy miscarriage even before they know. It is a heart-breaker for new parents, which leads to a sense of guilt, hence, leading to depression. This mainly happens up to the 12th week of pregnancy, and may even occur in 20-24 weeks. A miscarriage occurs when the body debars the fetus, the placenta, and the amniotic sac.

Pregnancy miscarriage is also called spontaneous abortion. In some cases, it cannot be avoided but several safety measures must be implemented to surpass the mishaps. Chromosomal abnormalities or fetus development problems are the main cause of miscarriages. This article will help and guide you with all safety measures possible to avoid this setback.

Things to remember to avoid pregnancy miscarriage

Chromosomal abnormalities

This abnormality restricts the fetus to develop properly. Hormonal dysfunction, health issues like infections in uterus, swelling in ovaries, and use of harmful pills can lead to miscarriages. Intake of alcohol, smoking, drug abuse is a major reason behind it. Miscarriage can occur also due to faulty eggs/sperms; sometimes genetic issues play a major role in it.

If the expectant mother leads a life with these Don’t  during a per-pregnancy or pregnancy period, she is prone to severe miscarriages. Taking an effective medical care can decrease the chances of mishaps.

Intake of folic acid

Scientists and researchers have proven that taking 400 (mcg) daily during a period of pregnancy reduces the chance of miscarriage. This folic acid consists of vitamin B9, known as folate. It raises the count of red blood cells and prevents folate- deficiency anemia, which helps in repairing, and functioning of DNAs. Consuming vitamin B9 in the form of food is a rightful measure to avoid pregnancy miscarriage.

Your daily diet must include

  • Beef liver
  • Lentils
  • Tomato juice
  • Bananas
  • Eggs

These foods are rich in folic acid.

No heavy exercise

Once you step in the period of pregnancy, you must restrict yourself from any heavy exercise. Rigorous sports must also be debarred from the daily routine. It is seen that women who carry out heavy exercise during this period are more prone to miscarriages than others. Lifting things or weight more than 5kg should be avoided, as the uterus is unable to take the pressure, resulting in miscarriages.

Maintaining a balanced diet

The women may be taking various medicines to avoid the odds, but a sound way is to have fresh fruits and vegetables which are rich in folic acid in your diet. When you intake vitamins and nutrients in the form of food, the fetus gets a direct benefit which helps it to develop properly. Fresh fruits and veggies keep both mother and baby healthy lowering the probability of pregnancy failures.

Lower the intake of caffeine

Intake of caffeine affects the baby inside you, as it restricts the useful medicines, vitamins, and nutrients to function. A consumption of not more than, 200 milligrams of caffeine is advisable, but you must consult your doctor at first.

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