Reasons Why Men have Low Sperm Count

In the recent time, men are facing some problems regarding low sperm count and infertility. This, in turn, has led to lots of unsatisfied homes and families where the man is not able to make his wife pregnant due to factors causing infertility such as toxic chemicals and lifestyle.

why sperm count lowMost common factors which lead to low sperm count and sometimes even infertility in men have been discussed here.

Smoking cigarette: Smoking cigarettes causes an overall lessening of 20% of the total sperm count in a male human. It even causes the DNA of the sperm to change, thus, damaging the sperm quality and overall, the health of the person also gets damaged with time passing by.

Usage of drugs: Using drugs such as marijuana and cocaine could temporarily reduce the sperm count as well as reduce the sperm quality too heavily in a man, thus lessening the chance of the couple to produce a baby. Also, usage of anabolic steroid by various bodybuilders has also been linked with the reduction of the sperm count in men.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Diseases such as Gonorrhoea causes such an infection in man that it causes a swelling in the testicles and ultimately blocks the passage as well as the production of sperm.

Stress (physically or mentally): It is most likely common in men now a days, the stress with which each and every person goes through is very high nowadays and in the case of men,this causes hormonal imbalance which in turn causes the misfunctioning of the testosterone.

Overheating the testicles: Sometimes situation might arise when you need to place your laptop on your lap for long time or maybe you need to wear tight undergarments. This heavily affects the production of sperm in your body and in turn, lessens your chances of making your partner pregnant. Avoid placing the laptops on your lap for long time and avoid wearing tight undergarments.

Age: Age is a major factor in the production of sperms in men. When a human male reaches 70 to 80 years of age, he happens to be much less sexually active than what he was when he was young.

Riding a bicycle: Recent studies have shown that riding a bicycle can potentially lessen the production and passage of sperm in a man’s body due to the pressure of the seat. The recent studies shown that the pressure of the seat can cause serious damage in the blood vessels and the nerve, thereby, permanently making the man infertile for the rest of his life.

Due to medical advancement, treatment of low sperm count in men is now possible. If you are also facing such problem, you should consult a specialist immediately.

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