Steps can be taken for treatment of infertility in women?

Every couple wishes for a healthy baby after a settled life. A child is hope of a family and many psychological and emotional aspects are connected with the birth of a child. However, in some cases, child birth is restricted due to infertility factors that can affect either male or female. We will look into the various causes and treatment options available.


The various reasons for infertility in women are irregular menstrual cycles, absent or frequent periods, accompanied by excessive bleeding which can make it difficult to interpret ovulation cycle for a women. Women who smoke on frequent basis are more prone to miscarriage. Conceiving ability of the body starts declining at the age of 32 and stops at 44. Overweight in women can also cause infertility. Women who consume alcohol at regular basis are prone to infertility. Infertility can also affect men. In men, the most common reason for infertility is either low sperm count or blockage in the tube that carries sperms from the testes to the penis. Diseases like diabetes and thyroid can also cause hormonal imbalance which can lead to infertility.


1)            IUI: IUI is the most common method to treat infertility. In this method, fresh sperms are injected into the uterus of the women with the help of a long and narrow tube. This method is used in condition like cervical disorder, men suffering from low sperm count or retrograde ejaculation.

2)            In-vitro fertilization (IVF): IVF is the most advanced method of artificial reproductive method. In this technique, the sperm and the egg are fused to create an embryo in an artificial medium and after some weeks of development in the embryo, it is then transferred into uterus of the women.

3)            Surrogacy: The concept of surrogacy has also taken over the market. Some couple due to busy life style or physical issues opts for surrogacy. In this case, a third party bears the child of a couple up to gestation period and gives it to the couple after the baby is born.

4)            Sperm and Egg Banks:

Sperm and egg banks are available. A couple suffering from infertility can seek this method. Eggs and sperm of donors are fused and embryo transfer is done.

5)            Seek an expert: There can be issue with the implantation process. The sperm and the egg may fuse but unable to fix itself to the uterus wall. In such cases, one should refer to a skilled and reputed gynecologist.

It is advisable to choose an experience and skilled doctor in such sensitive cases. Best consultancy can help to get rid of the complication with ease. In case of low sperm count or erectile disorders, sperm test can be used to determine the issue and solution.

6)            ICSI (INTRCYTOPLASMIC SPERM INJECTION) – In this technique, a single perm is directly injected inside a egg cell which increases the chance of fertility by many folds. This is an ideal method in men with low sperm count.

It is important to seek the best medical assistance in such cases. Consulting a medical practitioner who is an expert in this field can help. The couple should cooperate and keep patience in such cases. One should avoid alcohol and smoking during and prior to pregnancy.

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