Symptoms & Sign of Early IVF Pregnancy

It has been observed in most of the cases women, during their in vitro pregnancy level are a bit confused about their symptoms of early IVF pregnancy. In vitro process is there for women who do not conceive naturally, IVF is the artificial process. So this leads to confusion in women whether the IVF symptoms are same as the natural pregnancy symptoms or not. In case of IVF pregnancies, the egg is taken outside and kept on a Petri dish to prepare it for fertilization. After the fertilization process has been done successfully on the extracted egg then it is again implanted inside.

Knowing about IVF pregnancy

ivf pregnancyIVF pregnancy has gained much attention as they have huge success rates and have provided hope to women who have failed to become pregnant naturally. Moreover, the IVF pregnancy procedure can be carried out in a painless manner. When the egg is taken out from the mother it is then put on a Petri dish for fertilization, a catheter is used to make this process in a convenient way. After the egg has been fertilized and is implanted back, the women body stars to generate hormones just like as it happens during the natural pregnancy. Once the symptoms get noticed, it is required to take note of each of the signs and make a journal of pregnancy. In order to make the journal, it is necessary to know the exact date about when the egg had been fertilized inside the womb. If one doesn’t know the pregnancy date then it would be pretty much challenging to make the perfect journal for pregnancy.

Symptoms of IVF pregnancy

Once the egg is implanted in the uterus and you get to know about your pregnancy with the help of ultrasound you will witness that your body showing symptoms of early IVF pregnancy. Listed below are some of the possible signs that you might notice during your IVF pregnancy.

Your basal body temperature gets enhanced significantly

Experience tender as well as sore breasts

Cramping in your lower abdomen portion

Discomfortabilty due to nausea as well as queasiness

Getting fond of certain foods

Experience mood swings

Lower back pain

May urinate frequently

What role does HCG play in pregnancy?

HCG hormone is often known as the pregnancy hormone and it only gets produced when the egg gets fertilized and is implanted in the uterus. After a few days of the IVF pregnancy, the hormones are secreted in the blood of the women and symptoms of early pregnancy can be noticed. If you have undergone IVF pregnancy and facing the stage then it will be a worthy decision for you to consult an IVF doctor or any other medical processes which help you to get your pregnancy confirmed.

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