The Complications and Diseases Because of Premature Birth

Babies are the blessings of the divine and are the most virtuous creatures on earth. Parents always structure their dreams around their children and hope the best for them. A mother while going through pregnancy describes her present state as the best feeling. But a premature birth often acts as a destroyer of those dreams and puts the future of the newborn in question. How severe are the affects in such a birth?

What is Premature Birth

Premature Birth can be defined as the birth of a baby before 37 Completed weeks of pregnancy. Such babies are very vulnerable to health complications which are often fatal or can be long termed. Some women are prone to premature births; the reasons being unknown and a doctor must take special care of these patients. Other reasons are STDs and infections within the mother and although modern science founded ways to tackle these issues, complication still happens.

What are the common problems?

The most common problem a premature baby encounters is that of Jaundice. During this, the liver cannot throw off the biliirubin and this spreads inside the body tissue thus resulting in the babies’ complexion turning yellowish. Although it can be treated, there are chances of bilirubin toxicity. Kidney problems are another issue where the kidneys struggle to maintain balance between salts, fluids and wastes. This results in difficulty of filtering blood and creating urine.

Infection issues

A premature baby often hosts underdeveloped immune system and a lower number of antibodies. These two factors mainly lead to infection within the baby’s body. These infections can develop in any body part and can occur at any stage of birth or even someday after the delivery. Moreover, the premature babies need treatments like insertion of intravenous lines, catheters, and endotracheal tubes alongside ventilation systems. This increases the newborn’s susceptibility to harmful microorganisms.

Lungs and Heart complications

Because of the immature respiration mechanisms in a premature baby, lungs disease often gets developed inside them. The lungs of these babies lack surfactant that prevents lungs from expanding and contracting naturally. This further result in a greater risk of developing respiratory distress syndrome and apnea.  Alongside these a premature baby can also develop Patent Ductus Arteriosus, a heart disease that may lead to heart failure because of excessive accumulation of fluids indise the lungs.

Brain problems and other complications

Premature babies can also develop Brain problems, the most common being Intraventricular Haemorrhage, that results in bleeding inside the brain. Although in case of mild bleeding, the brain remains unaffected, but heavy bleeding can lead to drastic effects. A permanent brain injury alongside accumulation of fluids within the brain can occur that takes toll on the motor and cognitive functions. Some other problems a premature baby can develop are temperature control problems, gastrointestinal problems and metabolism problems.

Long term problems

Although most of the premature babies contract short term disease that can be treated, there are certain long term issues that may occur. These babies may develop Cerebral Palsy along the line or Retinopathy of Prematurity that may lead to permanent blindness.  Other complications are Hearing issues leading to deafness and Dental problems. They may also develop behavioral issues and chronic health problems like Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or asthma.

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