Things You Need To Know Before An IVF Cycle

The failure of conceiving, even when you are constantly trying for pregnancy, is termed as infertility. After finding the reasons for your infertility, you have to fix yourself to start the IVF treatment. It may look exciting at first but the process includes a series of ultrasounds, injections; blood tests which can make you feel moody and fragile at the same time. It may take upto three to four cycles for a successful IVF treatment. So, you need to be really patient throughout.

Before going for an IVF, you should understand a few basic questions which will help you to get more of yourself to get to it.

Is IVF required for you? 

It is generally for women with blocked fallopian tubes or missing ones. It can be very vital when other conditions relating to pregnancies are present like male factor infertility, or endometriosis or unexplained infertility where there is no possible medical cause to be found.

Age limit when IVF treatment can be implemented by women? 

A successful pregnancy is very much related to women’s age. Generally, most of the clinics have an age restriction to start the intro vitro fertilization (IVF) with the women’s eggs. The age limit ranges to 42-45 years in most of the programs. The egg donor’s age is very vital when there is a donation of the egg.  There is generally no relation to the age of the donor with the success of fertilization.

Transferring of one embryo or multiple ones? 

It depends on the patients how many embryos they decide to transfer. It is not always a successful implantation. The probability of pregnancy increases if there are more embryos. The risk of more pregnancies increases with multiple implantations of embryos. Generally, the number of embryo implantation depends upon the age of the patient and how many times they have undergone IVF before. If you are under 35 years, you can easily go for 2 embryo implants.

 How to improve the probabilities of the IVF treatment?

 One should abstain from all kinds of Tobacco, alcohol, and medications, excessive caffeine. A healthy balanced diet should be maintained and more intake of folic acid.  A patient that undergoes IVF does not need to be hospitalized. The patient can go for a 3-5 times checkup during the cycle.

Is In-Vitro Fertilization treatment cost-effective? 

The price generally varies where you live. The medications and the number of cycles you undergo determine the cost. India is much more cost effective than the USA & UK in case of IVF and moreover, the quality of IVF is very excellent. This is because the charge of the doctors is quite less. Studies show that foreigners are visiting India for cost-effective IVF treatment.

The percentage probability of successful IVF ranges from 45-50% for the age group of 35 years and 40 % for the group of 35-37 years and slowly decreases by 5% with a further increase in the age of 2 or 4 years.

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