Three Recent IVF and Fertility Advancements You Need To Know

If you look at the recent medical statistics, there is no denying the fact that infertility has been on the rise. Both males and females have been afflicted with it, almost equally. A major cause of infertility is generally a genetic predisposition. However, other reasons like an erratic lifestyle and stress also play a significant role in it. There are many couples who are unable to conceive once they reach their 30s.

Recent IVF & Fertility AdvancementAll is not lost for them though. There have been major advancements in the field of medicine with In-Vitro Fertilization taking the front seat in methods of attaining fertility. New infertility clinics are opening up each day and the methods they use to attain the same are truly state-of-the-art. Three recent advancements in IVF and fertility have been discussed in detail below.

Pre-implantation genetic screening 

If you go to any IVF Centre in India, this is the most commonly followed method. In this, the genetic composition of the embryo is screened thoroughly in order to detect any abnormality prematurely. The idea is to detect any extra chromosome or faulty DNA before it is implanted into the womb of the mother. Generally, these abnormalities lead to a failure in pregnancy. The whole physical and mental hassle can be prevented effectively using this method.

Reduction in multiple pregnancies

 Multiple pregnancies are a traditional method of IVF which was practiced earlier. Two or more embryos were implanted in the womb with the hope that at least one would get fertilized effectively. However, it led to severe complications at the time of birth. Some even ended up conceiving twins. The financial aspect of it went for a toss. The situation has changed though. Now that genetic screening procedures have become increasingly prevalent, only a single embryo is implanted and it is made sure that the pregnancy is a success.

Three-parent embryo

 Mitochondrial diseases are the most damaging risk for an embryo as the chances of it being passed on is the maximum. This becomes all the more relevant when the mother has a predisposition for mitochondrial diseases. The problem can be solved by creating a three-parent embryo using the genes of the mother, father and a person who has healthy mitochondria. Chances of infertility are very less and the child is guaranteed to be born healthy using this method.

These three new methods have gone a step forward in revolutionizing fertility and IVF. People who want to conceive badly but cannot, for any reason whatsoever, can check them out for best results.


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