Tips & Available Treatment to Reverse PCOS/PCOD

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or Polycystic ovary disorder (PCOD) is one of the most common disease nowadays among women. It is not at all surprising to see women taking medicines, sticking to fitness regimes, and alter their lifestyles to keep the condition under control. It is a complex hormonal disease that affects many women in their childbearing stage. Maintaining a healthy weight and diet helps to deal with PCOS/ PCOD symptoms

Treatment to Reverse PCOSHere are some tips and treatments that might help to reverse PCOS/ PCOD:

  • The most crucial part of controlling PCOS syndromes is by maintaining a healthy weight. It is believed that even a 5% reduction of body weight helps to relieve the symptoms. Consumption of healthy food and indulgence in physical activities helps in weight loss and also reduce the risk of health complications.
  • Insulin resistance is common in these women which prevent them from maintaining a healthy weight. Altering the diet is an essential part of managing PCOS. One must eliminate simple carbohydrates and sugars from the diet and opt for whole grain cereals and complex carbohydrates as it helps to stabilize blood sugar level and keeps insulin levels low.
  • Regular exercise is the most common component of weight loss. It helps to reduce insulin and blood sugar levels. Simultaneously it is very beneficial for the health of the heart and also improves mood and regulates sleep patterns. Reviving the metabolism helps to manage weight.
  • Nurturing health with smart daily choices helps to prevent major health risks for women with PCOS/ PCOD. It helps to lift anxiety and depression, reduce fatigue, and boost energy to make you feel great.
  • Eating plenty of vegetables, fruits, nuts along with healthy lean proteins and good fats, and low-fat or calcium-rich dairy can also be a great start. Add enough calories to your daily diet to achieve your ideal weight.
  • Getting a minimum of three hours of exercise per week helps to improve insulin sensitivity in women. Aerobic exercise helps a lot to lower inflammation, promotes weight loss, and helps to improve reproductive function in women.
  • Simple yoga postures also help to ease tension, anxiety, and depression. It stabilizes the mood and also helps to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Practicing good sleep hygiene is a must. Aim to have at least eight to ten hours of sleep per night. Try to establish a regular bedtime routine. Avoid consuming rich or fatty foods before bedtime.
  • Acupuncture is considered an alternative treatment for PCOS. It helps to increase blood flow in the ovaries and also reduces cortisol and insulin levels. It many times also helps in weight loss.
  • Try sticking to any low moderate exercise such as yoga, cycling, swimming, or brisk walk, every day. Adding in resistant training for three days a week helps to achieve better results.
  • Meditation helps to reduce cortisol and blood sugar levels. Meditating for 30 minutes before going to sleep can help reduce stress and improve sleep quality
  • These are just some general tips to combat PCOS but it is necessary to consult with a doctor while going through the reversal process of PCOS/ PCOD.

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