Tips to Manage Your Job While Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a joy; it can also be taxing and demanding on the body, especially when you have a full-time job. Managing pregnancy along with your job is an interesting juggling act. But it is only a brief insight into how life will be after you become a mother.  The side-effects that pregnancy causes include morning sickness and interrupted sleep, along with fatigue and can dampen your life. But there are some strategies that you can employ to manage both the pregnancy and your job.

pregnancy tips while workingMake Sure You Announce the Pregnancy

Conventionally, people ask you to wait until the end of your first trimester to make the announcement. And when you decide to make the announcement, make sure you inform your boss first. This will reduce the complications you could face from him. Schedule an appointment and make sure your manager knows. Be both positive and professional. Assure your boss that it will not affect your pregnancy. Make sure you also announce it to your coworkers.

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Managing the Pregnancy Symptoms on the Job

Pregnancy does not give you license to slack off at work. Make sure you take good care of yourself, eat properly. Constantly eat to keep the nausea at bay. Small snacks that are healthy are commonly recommended as they will keep the blood sugar level steady.  In case the symptoms are very severe, the doctor could give you medication. It is also helps if you take power naps as they will help you boost your energy and keep you moving. This is what lunchtimes are for.

Squeeze in Appointments

When you are pregnant, there is excessive need to visit your doctor frequently. Make sure your appointments do not collide with your work calendar. Check with your doctor how frequently you need to get tests done. It is preferable if you can take the day off work for your monthly appointments. If possible ask your doctor if you can schedule appointments in the weekend. Also make sure that you do not make any compromises on the tests done and make sure it is good.

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Prepare for your Maternity Leave

Before you can start your maternity leave, make sure everyone is informed. One month before the leave, tell your manager about the exact date you will stop working and also make sure they know how they can reach you. Make sure you inform them when you will be returning to work. When you do in fact decide to return to work, ask if there is work from home options available. Make sure you go through the company’s maternity leave policy before you make the decision. Understand the company policy and the state laws and then approach your boss.

Pregnancy is a time to cherish and enjoy. It sets you up for the incredible journey that is motherhood. When you have a job that you love and a rewarding career, you set yourself up for it even more. Juggling both is taxing, but it is also worth it. And the most important and valuable tip for your pregnancy- enjoy it.

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