To know about Early Pregnancy Symptoms in Women

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases in a woman’s life. Each woman has a different experience in their pregnancy. Even the symptoms vary from one woman to another. There are several early symptoms of pregnancy that many women overlook. So here is a good description of all the symptoms that can indicate that you are going to embrace motherhood.


After you conceive, the fertilized egg gets joined to the wall of the uterus which leads to the spotting of blood. This takes place between six to twelve days after the egg gets impregnated. This is the very early sign of pregnancy which is often mistaken to be a regular menstrual cycle.

There also can be white discharge from the vagina which happens due to the thickening of the walls of the vagina. This white discharge often continues throughout the pregnancy cycle of many but is not harmful. But if it has a bad odor and causes itching then you must consult your doctor as there can be any bacterial infection in the vagina.


The sudden muscle pain in the stomach is referred to as cramps. They are not severe and are also often mistaken to be normal menstrual cramps.

Missing period

This is one of the obvious signs of pregnancy but not the surest one as there can be many other reasons for missing a period. You should take a pregnancy test if you miss your period to become sure of the pregnancy.

Swollen breasts

The levels of various hormones change very rapidly after you conceive. Due to this change in the hormone, the breasts become swollen and painful. This change can be noticed after a week or two from your conception. The breasts feel heavier as the levels of hormones like progesterone and prolactin starts increasing. The areas around the nipples also darken if you are pregnant.


You will feel extremely tired without much activity if you have conceived. This may start within a week from your conception. This is due to the higher level of the production of the hormone progesterone. You should take enough rest and maintain a good diet that is rich in protein and iron to overcome this problem.


This is a very common symptom that almost every pregnant woman faces. This symptom takes place mostly in the daytime. The feelings of nausea start almost immediately after you conceive. For some women, this lasts throughout their pregnancy cycle but for many, they become less after thirteen or fourteen weeks.

You may not feel like eating anything and vomit almost after every meal. But do not skip any meal; instead, follow a proper diet so that your baby gets all the essential nutrients.

Repeated urination and constipation

It’s most likely to go for frequent urination if you have conceived. Also, the higher levels of the hormones cause constipation.

Headache, dizziness, and fainting

These are the very common symptoms accompanied by mood swings. Any pregnant woman experiences almost all of the symptoms. If anyone is bothering much then you must consult your doctor.

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