Top 9 Common Questions about Miscarriage

Miscarriage is a very traumatic experience. It should be handled with maturity, caution, and wisdom. Here are some basic questions that are recommended you ask your doctor about.

  1. Should I go for grief counseling?

Following a miscarriage, it is natural to feel grief. Even if it is for a short time like a week to a really long time, grief can still be painful. It is recommended to go to a grief counselor following the miscarriage.

  1. Is it recommended to have prenatal supplements?

While there are no studies which support the claim that prenatal supplements help in conception, people say that it could not hurt to try them for faster conception chances.

  1. Could it be because of genetics?

No, it is not likely that miscarriage is caused by genetics. However, in case there are mental disorders that have been passed without you realizing through your genes, a miscarriage could occur.

  1. Are there any underlying problems with miscarriage?

By running a few tests, it is possible to determine the cause of miscarriage.  They are usually random and there are no issues with the body. But in case there are multiple miscarriages, make sure you get it thoroughly checked out.

  1. Will my hormones be out of control?

It takes a month or two before your body can be back to normal. Until this time, hormone levels will be out of control.

  1. Is it worth trying to conceive again?

Following a miscarriage, wait for the symptoms of miscarriage to end.  Following this, wait until you start menstruating for a month or two, then you can try to conceive and have another baby. Make sure you are mentally fit to try to conceive again.

  1. Will my body be affected by the miscarriage?

Following a miscarriage, the body does not return to normal immediately. Based on the symptoms of miscarriage, the symptoms could continue.  They could continue for weeks or could end soon.

  1. How can I reduce the risks of miscarriage?

Women who have had a miscarriage increase the risk of a future miscarriage.  Age also plays an important factor, with around 50% chance of miscarriage for women aged over 45. For future tests, opt for more tests and frequent monitoring.

  1. Should I expect miscarriage in the future?

No, there is nothing wrong with your body and you do not have to worry about future miscarriages.  Miscarriages are random, usually. But there could be risks related to cervical insufficiencies.

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