Treatment of Blocked Fallopian Tube

Fallopian tubes are an important element of the reproductive systems as it is the site for fertilization. The sperm comes in contact with the egg in the fallopian tube from where the fertilized zygote moves to the uterus and implants itself to develop into a fetus. 

In an individual, if one of the fallopian tubes is blocked there are still chances of getting pregnant as the egg can travel from other side of the body as there are two ovaries. But if both the tubes are blocked completely then it is not possible to become pregnant naturally unless one of the tubes is unblocked. 

Following are some of the causes of the blocked fallopian tube

  • Pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Tuberclosis
  • Endometriosis
  • Scars due to ectopic pregnancy or abdominal surgery
  • Sexually transmitted infections 
  • Fibroids


Blocked fallopian tube shows very mild symptoms which make it difficult to understand the cause. Infertility is mostly the first symptom of a blocked fallopian tube; if a person fails to get pregnant after a year of trying the doctors recommend a specialized X-ray to examine the need for the fallopian tube and other fertility tests.

Some experience lower abdominal pain along with unusual vaginal discharge as a symptom of a blocked fallopian tube. This condition is termed as hydrosalpinx where the tube dilates due to blockage and gets filled with fluid. As discussed above pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis also indicates blocked tubes.

Diagnosis of the blocked fallopian tube

The most common method of identifying blocked tubes is with the help of specialized X-Ray commonly known as HSG or hysterosalpingogram. It is considered as the best fertility test for couples struggling to conceive. Other methods used by Test Tube Baby Center in Ludhiana include exploratory laparoscopic surgery, ultrasound, and hysteroscopy. Blood work is also needed to check the presence of Chlamydia antibodies. 


Individuals with one open fallopian tube can get pregnant without the need for any surgery. Doctors prescribe some fertility drugs for increasing the chances of ovulation on the side with an open tube. If both the fallopian tubes are blocked these treatments do not work.

Laparoscopic surgery is used for opening blocked tubes by removal of the scar tissues that block the way and prevent ovulation. However, this method is not always successful and depends upon the age of the patient and also the intensity and cause of the blockage. If there are only my few adhesions between the ovaries and the tubes then the chances of successful surgery are higher. 

IVF treatment at Test Tube Baby Center in Ludhiana includes the consumption of fertility drugs or injections to stimulate the ovaries of the patient. It is then followed by ultrasound-guided retrieval of the eggs from the ovaries. The eggs are then cultured separately with the sperm in a laboratory to produce healthy embryos. A couple of healthy embryos are then chosen and shifted to the uterus. This method completely avoids the fallopian tubes and hence has the highest chances of yielding positive results.

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