Ways in Which Laparoscopy Treatment Can Help With Infertility Problems

For the surgical procedure known as laparoscopy, the surgeon makes between one and three tiny incisions, each used to insert a laparoscopic tube. A laparoscopic tube is a tube used in surgery that contains a camera and light. As a general rule, laparoscopic surgery results in less discomfort for the patient after the procedure and fewer complications than traditional open surgery. Although Laparoscopy is effective in treating pelvic pain, it is still debatable whether or not it should be used as a treatment for infertility in women. The most common surgical method is ovarian drilling. However, a myomectomy can also remove fibroids from the uterus. Fibroids can obstruct the uterus, causing pregnancy more challenging, pelvic pain, and irregular or heavy periods.

When is Laparoscopy recommended?

After testing for infertility, a doctor may recommend laparoscopic surgery as a treatment option if the symptoms are severe enough. Laparoscopy may be advised for the following medical issues:

  • Pelvic pain and cramping during menstruation
  • Endometriosis Suspicion
  • Pelvic adhesions and inflammatory diseases
  • Hydrosalpinx reduces the likelihood of a successful IVF cycle.
  • Reduced fertility due to endometrial deposits
  • An ovarian cyst may be present but may not manifest as pain or a visible change in the uterine cavity.
  • painful fibroid tumors

Why is it important?

In some instances, the only effective surgical treatment for infertility is laparoscopy, which provides an inside look at the abdominal cavity and facilitates the diagnosis of aberrant growth of cysts. However, its use to treat women is still controversial. Fibroids, endometrial deposits, and scar tissue can all be removed during Laparoscopy.

What is the process?

Hospital-based laparoscopic surgery is done under general anesthesia. Patients having laparoscopy may be told to fast and given antibiotics. A pleasant-smelling gas inhaled through a mask will put you unconscious. The surgeon makes an incision around your abdominal button while you’re unconscious. Carbon dioxide gas is injected through the wound. It gives your surgeon greater room to work and visibility.


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