What Are The Roles Of Embryologists In The Lab?

In this advanced world, everything is possible, and the new branch of Embryology has made things possible that were impossible in the past days. Embryology is such a branch of biology that deals with the parental development of sex cells, fetuses and embryos, and fertilization. Here the doctors and professionals can artificially fertilize the egg and make it possible for the mothers conceive. 


Embryologist is an important aspect of IVF center. A good embryologist is the backbone of any good IVF Center.


Role of Embryologists


Here are some of the roles of embryologists in the lab and how does it work.


Maintaining the Lab


The first and foremost thing that all embryologists must do is to keep the lab clean at all times. Due to the conditions inside the lab, the embryos are affected. As embryos are very vulnerable, and the entire procedure is intricate, it must be kept clean to the brim. Maintaining air quality, temperature, humidity are some of the essential things an embryologist needs to check. 


Retrieval of Egg


The next big step in this process is to retrieve the egg in the best way possible. In this procedure, the fluid inside is being removed that has eggs inside it. Therefore if excess liquid drains out, it will result in the loss of eggs too. After taking out the liquid, the professionals put it under the microscope to identify the eggs.


Fertilization Check-up

The professional leaves the egg with the sperm to fertilize for a day and then again examine it, whether they are fertilized or not. For this single step, the entire lab needs to have the exact temperature for fertilization. 




The embryologist put the fertilized egg in the incubator with temperature as same as the uterus. Neither more nor less, as this can affect it, and the entire process will fail. 


Testing of Genetics


Biopsy of the embryo for the chromosomal abnormalities is essential, and if any damage is inspected, the process has put a halt. 


Supported Hatching


In some cases, supported hatching is important to thinner the zona pellucida, which is the embryo’s outer shell. With the help of a laser, this process will be successful and will help the implantation.


Transfer of Embryo


After selecting the best quality embryo, the embryologist puts them in a medical catheter and hands it to the IVF Specialist for depositing them in the uterus. 




Excess of fertilized egg are frozen for future use in liquid nitrogen containers.


These are some of the critical roles of all embryologists in the lab. They are the best person on whom clients have to rely for being parents. 

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